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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This Is Why America Is Falling Apart

Today on Facebook we noticed that the Number One Story is about the First Penis Transplant in America.

This Is Why America Is Falling Apart - YouTube

While the world is falling apart and riots are happening around the world

While the US Dollar is being rejected around the world

While Putin is rebuilding his nuclear fleet and launching Nuclear Platforms over our heads

While hungry people are rioting all over the world

The American Public is reading about the First US Penis Transplant - and YOU the Tax Payer had to fork out Millions for this operation and no one seems to be outraged about this

We have lost our way as a Nation

Performed at Boston Mass General Hospital.

Thomas Manning apparently had cancer of the Penis so 4 years ago it was removed. Now, approved by Obama Care - he had a new one transplanted from a cadaver.

The NEW procedure is called Gentitourinary Vascular Composite Allograft or GUVCA

What is really sad about the whole issue is that these Doctors at Boston General read the story published years ago watched the video THE CURE FOR CANCER and rather than curing his cancer decided to go down this whole Amputate and Re-attach road.

In fact - our first TV News Story on channel 23 and channel 77, Seattle, was way back in 2011 - Five Years Ago!!
Pray that these Perverted Political Leaders have everything they are now trying to do fail and pray for your families.

Get ready for what is coming.....

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Man Receives First Penis Transplant in the United States - The New York Times

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