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Monday, May 16, 2016

Dollar Rejected Worldwide - Putin Said Petro Dollar Is Dead

The US Dollar has been rejected around the world.


Yesterday at a restaurant we watched a ship loaded with goods leave the Port of Tacoma --- they refused US Dollars and went home.

Last night we listened to Jim Willie - an Economist - on "Ochelli Effects"and he clearly stated ships are sitting off of California loaded with goods and they refuse payment in Dollars.

About 48 hours ago Putin ordered the Gas to be shut off of Europe because he refused to accept the Petro Dollar as payment and the Euro is backed entirely by the US Dollar

As you recall last week China refused to allow a US Carrier Group to dock in Hong Kong because all they had to pay with for the Docking Fee and Fuel was US Dollars.

There appears to be about 25 countries - currently occupied by forces of the United States Corporation - that Are still accepting the US Dollar.

The US Dollar is issued by the Federal Reserve System and Jim Willie, and other economists, think that both the IMF and Federal Reserve System are now controlled by the Chinese now so they are apparently calling the shots now.

Be Ready America - Be Ready

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