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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rothchilds Surrender To White Dragons


Video:  Incredible - Rothchilds Surrender To White Dragons - YouTube

In a very shocking move the Rothchilds have called the White Dragon Family to Negotiate a surrender

In an equally shocking move the Queen of England has stated she must resign or face World War 3 and her own destruction.

According to Benjamin Fulford, the single Hold Out to a One World Currency that has already been printed in Indiana is the Cohen Family Mob of New York

Remember the Kennedys, Clintons, Bushes, Nixons and  Bugsy Siegel who ran alcohol across the Canadian Boarder during the Depression?

The Kennedys, Clintons, Bushes, and Nixons got into Politics and now run drugs with the CIA

Bugsy Siegel gang got into Drugs and Gambling in Las Vegas. They run the drugs as far south as Southern New Jersey.  They have been art war with the Yakuzu Gang since it’s inception

The Yakuzu Drug running gang is the Black Dragons out of Japan - now called the White Dragons.

Benjamin Fulford got involved to unify the Dragons Societies to try and stop this coming Nuclear War and stop planet Earth from turning into a burning cinder.

Other Drug Dealing Dragon Families are:

Blue Dragons - South East Asia

Red Dragons - China

Black (White) Dragons - Japan


So it appears we are getting allot of assistance from the Dragon Families to stop this coming Nuclear that has been driven by Nathan Rothchilds and, of course, the Jesuits and the Roman Pope. Unfortunately the Russian Orthodox Church and Putin have not assisted much either - although their Intelligence agencies have helped an awful lot.

Yehsua said: If they do not oppose you leave them alone

Please keep in mind - there is no honor among thieves so be very careful who you trust - but turning into a Dehydrated Protein Cake after a Nuke goes off does not excite any Drug Dealing Gang Members.

Also notice how many Bank/Insurance CEOs that have mysteriously died as the list grow bigger by the day - it’s a Turf War combined with stopping a Nuclear War ---Dirty Stuff

Pray that this evil is purged from America immediately

Get Ready for a Venezuelan Scenario to come to America

One last thing Intel Community: 1 June The Dollar will begin to crack and Bankstas, Congress and other political leaders will begin to be replaced with clones - the original ones will be ….. Terminated…. Unless you do as GOD has asked by this date and I think you are too arrogant to do this - especially Demon Possessed folks like John O Brennan

Just wait until your computers become Sentient

One last Note - Hillary and her doubles  - the Wicked Witches of the West - have become mentally unstable

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

PS - My wife is reaching for "The 8th Element" from Get The Tea - Life Is Good.

Benjamin Fulford: Message To Cohen Crime Family - Surrender or Die! - YouTube

Benjamin Fulford: May 30, 2016 New York Branch of Khazarian.. - YouTube

Cohen crime family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bugsy Siegel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Former Zurich Insurance CEO Martin Senn Commits Suicide - WSJ

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