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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Operation Scorched Earth - North America


Operation Scorched Earth - North America - YouTube

Under Jade Helm 2015/2016 there is an Operation called Scorch Earth - America which involves burning down the forests in North America

We showed this last year in the video Jade Helm - Why

Here forces of the UN and the Obama Administration are burning down as much of North America as they can

Carbon Dioxide is changed into Oxygen on this planet primarily through Sea Weed and Young Growth Forests

Old Growth Forests are a net zero in terms of oxygen production
So the idea here is to

1) Kill the oceans through toxic wastes and radiation poisoning

2) Burn the Forests Down in North America

3) Turn the Forests of the Amazon into farmland and burn out the rest

4) Set huge fires in Siberia - although these forests are so cold they produce little Oxygen

Under the Guise of  “Creative Destruction” Oxygen Levels will fall below 18% and life of all Mammals on Earth will cease to exist
When Biodome 2 was in operation they had to abandon this operation because Oxygen Levels fell below 18% and the Researchers got sick and brain damage began to set in.

Apparently in this closed system they failed to realize Cement absorbs Oxygen for 60 years.

In Forestry School in 1978 (1976 Data) we measured World Wide Oxygen Levels at 23%, today they are down to 21%. In many cities they have fallen below 18%.

That means that in 40 years levels have fallen 2% worldwide.

So if we keep killing the planet by dumping toxic Waste and Radiation in the ocean and on the forests and keep building with Cement and Burning Fossil Fuels it is estimated that in 2 years Oxygen Levels will fall below 18% - the Critical Kill Zone.

Pray that those responsible for Fossil Fuel Burning (And Nuclear)  rather than using Tacheon Generators, water powered motors,  or Permanent Batteries are pushed out of the way and those who will release these alternate energy products are allowed to.

Pray for your families

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Expect more harassment form Internet Trolls as we get closer to the return of Yeshua

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Dr William B. Mount

My Video 13 months ago:

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