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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cell Phones Cause Cancer - It's Official


Video:Cell Phones Cause Cancer - It's Officlal - YouTube

About 6 years ago we did a TV story on Channels 23 and 77 in Seattle on study conducted by the Department of Transportation of India. The Indian Department of Transportation  released a 110 page report linking Electronic Devices to cancer and neurological disorders. They concluded that the more you use cell phones, the closer you live to power lines and cell towers the higher the rates of Neurological Disorders and Cancer.

A few days ago the National Toxicology Program released a study where they found rats exposed to Cell Phone Frequencies developed high rates of Brain and Heart Cancers.

Newer Smart Phones now broadcast at around 2.5 GHZ, the same range as our microwave ovens or Military Radar.

So when we hold our cell phones up to our ears to speak we literally fry our brain and  military radar

So when we talk on the cell phones we cause ourselves to get cancer and literally get “Stupid” by cooking our brain cells.

The obvious solution is to use a wired headset - to literally buy a non-Blue Tooth headset and leave our phones in our pockets.

If you do find yourself with cancer go to the video THE CURE FOR CANCER  or  THE CURE FOR BREAST CANCER and your cancer will be alleviated - but only if you stop what you are doing to cause your cancers.

Pray that those who forced us into using higher frequency cell phones are severely disciplined for their actions and we go back to the old Analog Frequencies

Pray that those telling the truth on You Tube are allowed to grow their channels on You tube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Partial Findings from the NTP Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone RFR in Hsd Rats

BREAKING: Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer -

Microwave Ovens

Why Everything Wireless Is 2.4 GHz | WIRED

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Radar during World War II - Engineering and Technology History Wiki

File:Scr-268 front 1216.jpg



3-30Ghz Form The Russians - Woodpecker Frequencies

Plants watered with normal water vs water that was microwaved - Imagine your brain after 5 years - of course - the entrie Microwave Oven Industry refutes the fact that Microwaves Fry Plant Life. We threw out Microwave Oven (Radar Range Oven) out - why take a chance - and we do not miss it.
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