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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thank You APFN, We WIll Do Whhat the TV Tells Us To Do

I have just finished a two day briefing on Gun Laws now coming into effect.

As an American we are so screwed.

The basis of these new laws are based on what has happened in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting - yet this never occurred and we on APFN have seen the proof.

For Example: The sidewalk they led the kids out of the school on, that hasd tar repair on the pavement?

Look at the aerial photo - not only was there no sidewalk, but there was no tar repair in hte parking lot.

Case Law is also set on the Aurora Colorado shooting - yet there was no blood in the theater and 2 shooting directions.

Not only will you forget these facts if you watch TV you will do as you are told to do because you will believe that being Fascist Pigs makes you Ritious in some perverted way.

You will believe that by sending US troops all across the world killing people that we, as a nation (Cor4poration) are the only Ritious folks in the world.

The US is spreading "Democracy" by putting a $5 Billion Dollar hit on the Democratically elected President of the Ukraine is Ritious.

You may defend this to the death.

That is the power of the media and America will now get clobbered by the Living GOD for their arrogance, so it has been said, so it shall be.

Please pray that those in America wake up really fast - I mean really focus on this one. This next war will not go well for America.

You heard this first, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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