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Monday, March 17, 2014

The Great Ukrainian Screw Job of 2014

Before you read this visually focus - pray - thet Lucifer's plans in the Ukraine fail miserably and back fire on those politicians keyed into this horrible plan.

What you are about to read is typical and has occurred since the Rothchilds (Bauers form Bohemia, Germany) too over the managing of the UK/US budgets and the Vatican banking system way back before our grandfathers were born.

At first the English acted as their the Military Might for these German Scum, then the US took that roll when the Pound collapsed.

The current DC Government (US Corporation) has 3 star on their flag: One for the US Corporation's military, one for the Rothchild's money, and one for the Roman Pope - Chief Priest to Lucifer.

I have been to the Ukraine three times. Each time I enjoyed the people and culture of this remarkable nation. This Ukriain Take Down is personal to me.

Unfortunately this nation has a bad history of being destroyed over and over again in the 20th century.

1) WW1 - 1914 - The German War and occupation of the Ukraine, funded by the Rothchilds.

2) 1917-21 the Russian Revolution, funded by the Rothchilds.

3) WW2, German Occupation. Funded by the Rothchilds.

4) Break Up of the Soviet Union. Funded by US Ambassador to Russia (Leo Wanta) through President Reagan ( A good loyal Catholic Knight of Malta), backed by the Rothchilds directly.

5) Now, 100 years later, the Great US Occupation of the Ukraine. - funded Directly by the Rothchilds. Remember - USC5, Sec 103 - the US DOD works Directly for David Rothchilds now, not the US Corporation and the CIA is owned by the Crown of England and their money is directly corporation by David Rothchilds in exchange for keeping the crown.

So here we go again - more Bread Lines and lack of jobs due to the IMF and Rothchilds.

For the last 7 years the UN has been sending in reps to try and tie the Power and Water systems of the Ukraine in with the Euronations bu the infrastructure is literally falling apart and without the money to upgrade such things as "New Power Poles" and New Wang Computers for the Power Grid (Now GE Computers)it will never be done so the Ukraine will remain seperate from the Euro Nations.

In comes the CIA - Avanti - with $5 Billion Dollars of Local money. They send in 1,800 troops (Mostly from the US) and start riots, shoot up the place with weapons stored at teh American Embassy, and try and kill President Yanakovich with Machine Guns.

The Ukrainian people do not have guns. The average wage there is between $200 to $400 a month so where are they going to get $500 for a pistol and ammo and import taxes?

Yea - exactly.

These were weapons form the US Embassy Weapons Storage Locker, When the initial rioters went home in the morning (Brown Shoes, Baseball Caps) they went to the American Embassy with their guns.

So in comes the IMF Thugs and they kill those who support Democracy and put in place a "US Backed" government.

Next Step: In come the US troops to Kill - just to kill. That is what we do best - we kill.

Then comes $50 Billion in loans to the Ukraine Government, of which $20 Billion must go to Russia. Of course - in a war ALL DEBTS are cancelled.

The other $30 Billion will be split among the IMF Politicians. They will borrow at 3 1/2% and invest in Russia at 7 1/2%. Not bad for killing a few folks and putting up with dirty streets for a couple of weeks.

In the mean time - the interest the people of the Ukraine must pay for the $50 Billion is about $200/yr - or about 2-4 weeks of pay for the average worker there and about 2 months pay for someone living on their Social Security.

(((((And YOU wonder why I hate Politicians and could not stand other Ambassadors.)))))

Within a few months the Ukrainian Currency will go away and the New Gold Backed Rubble will once again be used in there as a money.

(Iraq, and many Arab Nations are now dumping the Dollar as a currency)

Funny - seven years ago I had dinner with a retired Minister of Anti-Monopoly. I toasted their currency and he laughed and said: "The Ukrainian Currency is a joke. We all use Rubles and US dollars."

So what can be done about the destruction of hte Ukraine once again by the IMF?

In recent years the Russian Federation has purchased about $160 Billion in US Treasury Bonds. If they had any brains they would offer the Ukranian People the opportunity to buy back their debt for Natural Gas and then cancel it in exchange for them rejoining the New Soviet Economic Block and allow them to remain an independent nation.

Unfortunately the Living GOD will now allow this to occur while passport aa-00029 remains outside of Europe, so HE has spoken, so it shall be.

So once again the little guy gets screwed and the Rothchilds and their Lucifarian Friends make enormous amounts of money all backed by the might and power of the Insane Obama US Military and Homeland Security.

Sounds allot like the NAZI take Over of Austria MARCH 12th 1938, doesn't it?

Then came the assassination of the Blacks, Gypsies and Jews in huge prison camps across Europe. IDF - GOD has a solution, but you are not looking so get scared, really scared.

See any burning Synagogues in Kiev lately - YUP, and Jews openly attacked on the streets by IMF backed Avanti troops - Obama's Brown Shirts. Scares me Israeli Defense Force.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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