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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Osa Rescuers Please Read This

A few short days ago a huge portion of a mountain came down on a town in North Western Washington called Osa. This small town is up a narrow highway and pretty well disconnected form the mainstream cities so getting rescue workers there was pretty tough.

as you read this visualize - pray - that the rescue efforts go well in Snohomish County and pray that the county begins using the product they could use to prevent this from happening again.

One real stroke of luck was that local Sheriffs Helicopters were currently working in the area and within minutes began pulling people out of the mud.

The total dead has now near 200.

First: Rescue Workers be careful because the mus is still slipping.

Second: The State of Washington Corporation has within it's control to send you well over 50 Cats, over 50 Dump Trucks all within a matter of 24 hours. We have 5 Engineer Battalions YOU already pay for and my experience with the national Guard is that you could have well over 300 Volunteers show up at your door step if the Governor would release funds for food and duel.

Third: Not too long ago we did a story of why landslides occur and how to prevent them. Your county chose to ignore these warnings.

Fourth: Your own county decided not to take action 4 years ago in this area because of cost.
So why do Hillsides slide:

1) Excessive Rain.

2) Acid rain has been hitting the Washington West Coast for decades. This hgas caused several actions to occur:

a) The rain contains oils and these oils clog soil particles and plant root depth decreases - thus destabilizing the hillside.

b) Immobile Elements wash out of the soil - like Magnesium, Zinc and Manganese - causing the plants to get sick, root depths to shorten, and again destabilizing the hillside.

c) Calcium washes out of the soil due to this acid rain - nw measuring between 5.0 and 4.8 - enough to sizzle baking soda on your driveway.

It is this Calcium that is the primary stabilizing element in the soil. No Calcium - the soil becomes a mush.

Think of Cement or your teeth - mostly Calcium, right?

So how do you stabilize a hillside:

1) Drain it. In this case put in lateral drainage pipes. Get out there with Sledge Hammers and drive Metal Pipes with hole in them to create a dry hillside.

2) We offered to teach the county how to make a product that contains a Surfactant, all elements essential for plant life and high levels of Calcium to use on top of the area to stabilize the soils.

They said: No.

So did the State of Washington Highway Department.

Cost: $1/Ac/Mo.

I offer my 25 years of research to the county at no cost. I do wish to see more Americans die die to Snohomish County Arrogance and Greed.

It would cost the county about $10,000/month to stabilize their roadbeds in this county using this product.

Repair costs for roads would be cut in half.
Now we have almost 200 dead - how much tax revenue and cost in Law Suits will you now incur Snohomish County?

Perhaps you folks should consider using this product again?
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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