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Friday, March 7, 2014

Obama Screams: If We Can't Nuke Em Starve Them Out

A few nights ago President Obama began screaming: Nuke Russia and China too if they get in our way.

After his staff calmed him down from his Cocaine Induced High he began screaming: "Cut em off and starve EM out. Sanctioned every "G D" thing they buy, we'll may them obey me."

This Fascist Corporate CEO named Obama is under orders by the Rothchilds, who is under orders form the Pope, Who is under orders from the Great White Brotherhood of Lucifer to get this war started.

Pray with me - really visualize4 - they fail.

In the past when the US Corporation puts sanctions agaisn a nation it would work because all U nations would join in.

This is different. The BRIC nations are now centered in ASTANA Kazakhastan and they have some real powerful Off World allies. In fact, those that signed the Greata Treaties with Pres Eisenhour are now realizing they were double crossed by the US and Monsanto and are really upset - so things may change rather quickly.

Does it not seem that if you put sanctions on someone you should have some teeth?

The BRIC nation treaty states that is one nation is sanctioned they are all sanctioned.

During WW1 and WW2 hte allies had all hte people and resources. Now so today. Today it appears that Ireland, France, UK, US,. Australia and New Zealand do not have the upper hand.

The BRIC nations have:

1) All the people

2) All the resources.

3) Make everything like little slaves of the Rothchilds.

4) Have the Moral Upper Hand in this issue.

5) The Off Worlds are now switching their loyalties as they have been double crossed - all of them. This modification in Vibrational Frequencies created by Monsanto is a violation of these Greata Treaties. Read the Pre-amble and the section dealing with feeding and spare parts.

6) The Jesuit "Hit Men and Women" who work directly for the Pope have been identified and tagged and it appears that the Intel Apparatus for the BRIC nations may be very, very powerful and unimpressed with the CIA and their attempts to destroy Planet Earth and are now ready to take action.

The last killing of the Brazilian Leader and the recent attempts on Pres Yanakovich have really gotten them upset - bad thing to do CIA/NSA.

Not long ago Sergey Rerezhnoy of the Russian Space Systems Control Center in Moscow admitted the Russians are not quite ready to fight the "Aliens." Fortunately they now have a common enemy: The Fascist I F/UK/US Union.

I would like the Russians to remember the Metal Wars.

Way back in the 60s through the 90s the Russians tried to destroy the Chromite Mine s in South Africa and Rhodesia. In response the US found, modified and released Sheep Wasting Disease (HIV) through Hep B shots to kill the incoming swarm of Black Refugees that Russia created. It almost worked.

We knew the cure before we released it - I still use it today.

Today little has changed. If Russia shut down the Chromite Mines in the South African Regions then about 60% of all Chromite would be unmine-able.

The BRIC nations control 40-45% of all mine-able Chromite.

The only 3 Chromite deposites in the West are in Northern Ontario at the Ring of Fire, small deposits along the Maryland/Pennsylvania boarder and a huge one I personally know about in......

Go ahead - try and mine the Ontario mines - the Natives will tear you apart.

There is not enough Chromite in Pennsylvania to shake a stick at.

If I am in America I may be forced to show you where the deposits are her e- but not willingly.

It is unlikely the West can grow 14.6 Million Metric Tones per year to meet world demand.

You see Russia if you move quickly and smartly then you are "Holding all the cards."

Unfortunately - until I am physically there in Europe your Rubble will never be the World Currency, nor will the Yuan: so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.


One last note: Obama has been given the orders to kill Current Russian and Chinese, and now, Indian Leadership. He already has the Brazilian leaders bribed or scared out of their wits.

A Fascist NAZI Pigs like Pres Obama do not give a hoot about international law and YOU are in his way to world dominance. They will kill you to get their way.

Remember Hitler, Mussolini, Franco?

The next terrorist rioting by the US Forces is scheduled in Kalinigrad thanks to some American Fascists currently residing in Garyevsk. Be careful - they are under Direct Orders form the Rothchild's Scum to break this region away from Russia through Political Pressure and they have an enormous amount of US Dollars backing them.

You will bow to the NAZI Fascist Pig Obama or he will kill you.HE has gone MAD.

Look what he is doing to those in the Ukraine - he ha doubled the price of Bread and is now ordering their pensions to be cut in half to $80/mo/person.

This means each person can buy 1 loaf of bread a day - 1,600 Calories.

"A Day's Wages for a quart of Barley."
You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

Just a note: Pres Obaam is now under orders to threaten Pres Putin Directly with fly overs of the TAW-50 cloaked to scare him.

Use the Old WW2 Radar Triangulated to knock them out of the skies.

Ores Obama has gone MAD.

Obama Staff: HEED GODS WARNING: Protect your little Fascist Pig as directed as we have already published - you will have to go back and read what we have already said about the coming date. I am not living in an area conducive to help any better than this.

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