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Monday, March 10, 2014

US Corporation Loots Ukrainain Gold This Morning

This morning an unmarked Jet from the United States pulled into the Ukrainian Airport and loaded all of the gold from the Ukraine.

The Gold was, I believe, was loaded from the Ukrainian Central bank next to the Large Angel Statue in the center of Kiev and then transported along the river to the main airport and then moved to the US.

Along the route were posted about 1,800 US Mercenaries hired by the Avanti Corporation to kill - a subsidiary of the CIA. They are paid HIT MEN, mostly Jesuits.

This gold - all of what the Ukraine had - belongs to the Ukrainian Church and was the gold stripped from the churches and hid underground in the caves during WW1, the Revolution, and WW2.

Since this gold belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, and since this church is legally centered in Russia (St Petersburg by Treaty) the US Corporation - under orders from the Roman Pope - just stole 40 large boxes of Russian (Not Russian Federation) gold.

This is an ACT OF WAR

The US Corporation will now loot the Russian Church Silver and Art Work and send it to - more than likely - the underground base we talked about under Nebraska for redistribution.

It is not about the fact that they can grow gold and have stolen most of what exists around the world - it is about control. They steal your gold, put in 2,000 Mercenaries, kill a few hundred people, and the Ukrainain Generals Bow Down to the US Corporation like Children and Voila - another take over.

If the Chinese and Russians really wanted to stop this they would - but they are (I Believe) simply part of this march towards war - Putin included.

Whatever technology these idiot Grays and Blues and Purples (Etc) gave us we will now use it to destroy ourselves.

Non-Intervention my rear end.

We have tried giving the world the Cure For Cancer and very few people took it to heart. I spoke with a friend this after noon and they had a hard time even believing Cancer IS reversible even after reading all the stories and testimonies.

We have tried Praying - really visualizing - that this war ends yet few of the readers really even tried.

Now on the verge of Nuclear War most readers even have a hard time believing we are so close.

So what more can be done.

As for the engagement over Alpena Michigan a few weeks ago:

Well US Corporation --- the folks you engaged over Alpena Michigan a few weeks ago were not impressed and took out a major underwater base yesterday about 60 miles off of Ferndale, California. That is why we had about 50 quakes - one was a 6.9. I am not sure about the quake off of South Western Mexico but it may be connected.

Scared yet US Corporation and New World Order - you had better be. There is another one scheduled to be taken out in about 43 days, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. You also stole some money and need to return it or those who are unimpressed by your actions over Alpena will take out another base. It is all interconnected.

Understand US Corporation and Rothchilds?

Will it be the one under Cambridge with over 35,000 Radionics Machines?

Will it be under South Central Nebraska?

Will it be under Denver - your precious Alternate HQ you are currently moving?

Will it be on your Super Duper Top Secret alternate planet in the Second Harmonics?

My GOD is a powerful GOD and will let this happen and then HE will deal with your souls.

Two Last Things the Living GOD will now do:

1) The American Indians who trusted Obama will now begin to loose everything - especially those in Wyoming. You will answer to GOD now.

2) Obama and his doubles will all now get sick - and I mean sick. GOD has had enough - so HE has said it, so it shall be.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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