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Sunday, March 23, 2014


We have already discussed the NWO plan to again re-initiate Operation Bite starting 16 April 2014 and what that means.

Unbenounced to the UN I received a personal message concerning the coming FIRST FULL MOON in the Age Of Aquarius - which began 16 March 2014 at 10:09 Seattle time. We have passed through some Galactic Plain and are now in the "Cumbaya Stage" - yea, right.

The First Full Moon of this New Age Of Peace in the heavens (War On Earth) will be 15 April at 43 Minutes GMT.

What they discussed is what this Full Moon is all about. Let me summarize it:

1) We pray and focus on bringing down the New World Teacher.

2) New Birth of the Plant through fire and destruction, a form of Cleaning by Fire. "Jungles of Expanse are set on fire.....The path stands clear and an unobstructed view stands before us."

3) Reuniting us with our Spiritual Selves. "We must now rise forth form the Tomb of Matter and go to the Immortal."

Never before have I seen such a call for "Going to the Immortal."

Whatever this NWO is planning is huge.

Visualize with me that Lucifer Fails in his plans.


1) Belgium (National GDP 100 Billion) went form owning $166 Billion in US bonds to over $300 Billion in 8 months. They jut add Zeros to their bank accounts.

2) Israel has just closed all embassies world wide - the Rothchilds consolidated the Jews in Israel in WW2 to wipe them out completely in WW3.

The Israeli Defense Force (Army) now realizes this fact but will not come forward for GOD's Word to save their nation.

Jews are now being killed world wide thanks to an order given by the White House and through the IMF to companies like the CIA and Avanti, Black Water, etc.

3) The US has closed over 21 Embassies just in August of last year - and several more since them. Most were closed in the Middle East.

4) The Dollar is climbing in value at an alarming rate - making it profitable to import everything. The world does not like being the slaves for the "I F/UK/US U" nion Welfare State any more. They work and we sit back in the Lap of Luxury. GOD says it is time to end this.

Pray (Visualize) that as Lucifer Falls and all of his plans fail the working man is not harmed.

4) The US has now stirred up so much garbage around the world the US State Department has place a Travel Alert in over 20 separate nations due to an organization the CIA Arms - AL Kada - the name of the doorway to Lucifer's First Temple at Tel-Dan.

Something is again panned to happen that is not good in just a few short weeks and after receiving this private communication from the UN it scares the Hell out of me.
Just a Personal Note:

I began all of this 1 Mach 2005 when I went to the VA hospital as a 100% physically disabled vet and the head of Orthopedics looks at a lump in my left hand and said: "WE WANT TO WATCH IT GROW."

I later found out the VA sells military records around the world to get grants to study diseases. Watching a tumor grow gets these individual doctors lots of bonuses through Grant Research.

Nine years later here I am.

If the VA had removed the lump in my left hand none of this would have been revealed. Since I have no more Health Care from the VA - it was terminated when I refused to participate in another MRI study) it is likely I will dig up even more stuff in the days to come.

On April 2007 I opened an Embassy in the Ukraine and began negotiations to start this new nation I was part of and my life took a left turn.

You cannot tun the hands of time backwards, can you?

So here I am.

Whatever these folks have planned for mid April is big and we need Your prayers and visualizations to stop this Lucifer and his minions to stop it.

Maybe the Age of Aquarious is all about uniting the world into one Gigantic Focused Planet to rid this world of this evil.

We are the only News Agency capable of doing this APFN.

So step up and join is in praying - visualizing - World Peace.

Maybe Dr Will Wilson is right after all - (All Day Live TV Show).

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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