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Sunday, March 2, 2014


As we read the US Jobs Report and htat millions more Americans will be laid off die to the US interference in hte economy, the world is deploying for war.

David Rothchilds Banking System has dusted off the old 1914 World War 1 plans and is currently modifying them to start a war in about 2 months - start up date sometime in May, but the date is flexible.

As we watch the situation in the Ukraine as US Troops kill pro- President Yanakovich politicians ans a New US Backed Regime takes over, the troops and deploying.

All the better is foreign troops do the bidding for these evil little children who work for their evil master Lucifer and the Great White Brotherhood in the Bohemian Grove in Germany.

Today Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and German troops began deploying for an invasion of the Ukraine and then Russia.

Russia, China and other BRIC nations are not sitting down as they move hteir Nuclear Forces into position destroy places like DC, Denver, South Central Nebraska, Miami - the list goes on.

The Kick Off should be when President Obama heads top meet with the Roman Pope to kick this into war into High Gear and a US/Israeli Sniper Team takes him out as he gets off the plane.

Of course - a Russian will be blamed for the Assassination and more than likely shot so he cannot speak out.

In the mean time both the US and the Euro Nations are in closed meetings discussing how to freeze all Russian Assets world wide.

Further - more riots in Libya and Egypt as the people are coming unglued at the US Demands in ht4ese nations.

Pre4sident Yanakovich and Putin - you were given certain steps to follow or Yanakovich would be t of office and you would have riots in Russia in one year - you failed to listen to GOD. Now Yanakovich is out of office.

You were told Putin and Medvedev and Yanakovich.

You should have listened to GOD - you would bot be in the mess you are in now.

If you wish more of a mess - just keep ignoring GOD Pres Putin and PM Medvedev. Even your aline boogie men friends cannot fix the mess you are in now. Only GOD can do that.

How stupid President Yanakovich: You and your buddies in Moscow were told how to keep you in power and now you are a disposed President - kicked out of office by the CIA.



Today the people in Moscow are rallying to keep pro-US Gay Freaks out of the Ukraine. Tomorrow they will turn on you unless you turn to hear GOD'S WORDS. You must come - it does no good to publish it because you no longer listen in the least now.

One last word - within 30 days David Rothchilds has ordered another Fukushima and YOU will just blow it off if you watch TV.

Please Pray with me - Visualize really hard - that Pres Putin comes for GODS word and we stop this coming World War.

You hear this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount


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