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Friday, March 14, 2014

Treaty Obligations Demand World Wide Trade Cessation With US/UK

As you read this please pray - focus hard - that this coming war is stopped and Lucifer's plans fail.

Within the Treaty Vault of the UN, NATO HQ in Brussels, and the Pentagon are stored International and Intergalactic Treaties that are not accessible to most but literally run the world. Violation of these treaties means serious consequences. It may take some time - but there will be consequences.

"The Mills of the Gods grind slow, but exceeding fine."

The Ukraine is tied to Russia by Mutual Agreements, just as NATO is tied to the Ukriane with treaties.

As agressive move towards the Ukraine is a huge violations of the US/Russian Anti-Agression treaties, NATO treaties and UN treaties.

All nations that are currently participating in the US Invasion (Through the CIA and Avanti) of the Ukraine are in violation of these treaties.

Trade with these nations must immediately cease - Oil, Food, Gas, and other commodities must be stopped from being sent to the US/UK and any other nations involved in this obvious invasion of the State of the Ukraine.

In addition, the Greata Treaties clearly state (In an Alien Language) that the US may NOT violate it's treaty obligations with anyone or it violates the their agreements and treaties.

From this day forward ALL alien species interacting with the US Corporation may do so under Emergency Conditions and only if it is absolutely necessary. The Transfer of Advanced Technology to the US Corporation must cease and desist upon realizing these Treaty Violations exist.


Otherwise ALL treaties between the violating species and all other species are deemed as being violated as well.

This is some pretty serious talk in some very serious treaties.

In other words: Because the US Invaded the (Under orders on the UK) Ukraine ALL nations States must immediately stop trading with the US and England and any NATO nation that supports the US and England.

Mr. Secretary of Defense and President Obama: You do have to the Security Clearance to access these treaties NOR do you have the mental capacity to absorb the information and process it correctly or you would not have gotten us into this mess in the first place unless you are both completely mad, insane beyond belief.

OK - let's see what happens now -
You hear this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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