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Thursday, March 13, 2014

US Threatens War WIth Libya, Russia, Israel, N Korea, and Syria

Within the last 24 hours US Secretary of State has threatened Russia, Libya, North Korea and Syria with WAR - Nuclear War unless they all bow to President Obama and HIS MASTER the Rothchilds. This is what happened:

1) This morning Dumb Dumb Kerry demanded the Russians violate their treaty with the Ukraine or he will"Have Serious Consequences" by Monday morning.

2) Again he threatened North Korea with "Serious Consequences By Monday" is they test fired a Missile.

3) This morning on WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM Dumb Dumb Kerry threatened Russia with Serious consequences unless they violate their treaty with the Ukraine and pull out of the Crimea Peninsula.

4) Then he met with Isreali Ambassadors and all is well after he ordered Jews Assassinated in Kiev.

5) Then the DOD releases now WAR PLANS to attack Syria.

6) To top that off Dumb Dumb Kerry threatened Israel.

Did we leave anyone out?

He (and the entire Obama staff) have gone utterly MAD.

What are you going to do Dumb Dumb Kerry and Obama - somebody else controls the Nukes over your heads?

Your staff has already double crossed the Off Worlders you were hosting at Indian Springs and Los Alamos, right?

As the DOD sends in a 12E80 with a Nuke to torch off Sunday Night just North of Chernobyl Kerry threatens country after country with "Serious Consequences."

On the Home Front Pres Obama hides like a Rat in his underground bunker trying to phone Pres Putin and Pres Putin will not answer the phone.

Either the US and England sanction 210 nations or we will have a full scale Nuclear War by Monday Morning.

Please focus people, pray with me that this skunk pot Lucifer and his forces fail in everything they do over the next few days.

Either the US launches a Nuclear False Flag followed by a Nuclear War by Monday or the rest of the world will realize ED Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs of Cowards and Obama's Staff are Gay Blow Hards or the rest of the world will begin tearing the IMF and World Bank to pieces, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. So it has been stated, so it shall be.

IMF - you should have listened to the Emails you were sent by this Ambassador.

You heard this one first here on APFN

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
K of Malta - Russian
Cpt, (RET) USA

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