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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why We Must Have Full Scale Nuclear War

As you read this pleas Visualize - pray - that Lucifer's Pans for war stop immediately.)))

First APFN - you did is again. Through visualization and prayer the war in the Ukraine is off. President Obama just gave a speech were he said the US Corporation will not openly invade this tin nation.

So how did we get to the point where we need Nuclear War?

Were the Russians can drop one of our 900 Nukes on Pres Obama's head at any time or any moment without him even being able to wipe the white powder form his none and get tot the elevator leading to the underground shelters?

Way back in 1814 the Rothchilds (Bauery Boys from Bohemia) took cotrol of the English Banking System through a series of illegal moves and the English Royalty was too wimpy to stop it.

Form 1814 through 1914 the English Navy (And Army) "Ruled The World."

WW1 was supposed to destroy this Empire and hand it over to the United States after destroying Russia - and it worked.

During WW2 the Bretton Woods Agreement (14 July 1944) was signed - ensuring the Federal Reserve would become the World Bank - ruled out of London. The US Corporate Military was strengthened to do the bidding of these Evil Rothchilds. So far so good for Lucifer, right?

In 1966 the Rothchilds forced the Cloward-Pivens model onto the US Corporation and began a 40 year plan to destroy the entire worlds economy and then start WW3, killing of all but about 500 Million people.

To this end plans were written like:

1) Operation Devolution
2) OPLAN 8010-12
3) CONPLAN 8010-12
4) CONPLAN 8044-12
5) Agenda 21

There were hundreds and hundreds of plans written that were supposed to start WW3 BEFORE we enter the Age OF Aquarius - which we entered last Sunday at 5:09 GMT.


God had that one handled.

This plan basically calls for the US to:

1) Cancel it's backing of the dollar with Gold and Silver
2) Teaching such immoral tings in school the system collapses.
3) Declaring all school children disabled in some way.
4) Increasing Welfare to the point where the system collapses. Today, 54% of all American suck off the system.
50 Selling jobs overseas.
6) Shutting down all production facilities.
7) Sterilizing soils with GMOs.
8) Moving all people to cities as they destroy the infra structure.
9) Creating such bad water and food that everyone ifs sick and there for doped up on some drug - "The Opiate Generation."
10) US Dollar will increase in value so high we import everything and our CIA will kill any government that will not buy our debt - like President Yanakovich of the Ukraine. By doing this the WORLD will become the slaves of this Immoral Welfare State where GOD is nothing more than a Tax Deduction. This will force GOD to destroy America Lock Stock and Barrel.
11) The prison systems will become huge because we accept every criminal from around the world and if you defend yourself form some Illegal Alien you to will go to jail.
12) After the economy begins to fall the IMF will simply take and seize all homes across America by theft and murder.
13) The Grid goes down by US forces - and we blame the Evil Russians.
14) WW3 - we Will All Burn Together.

So far this One Man - David Rothchilds - is pretty much on track.
Our Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Staff) - complete with Erectile Disfunction at the top - are too cowardly to stop this trend and the Lucifarian CIA and Homeland Security are moving ahead at lightning speed.
So what happens next?

16 April (+- 3 Days)

The next attempt at a Nuclear False Flag will be 16 April in either Malasia or Indonesia or both. ((Apparently they failed to blow up the capitol of China with a huge Nuke a few days ago - it did not go BOOM! It fizzled in Peking)) They will more than likely be connected to a plane that has already been destroyed - the LOST BOEING 777-200. This should kick off a war with China.

There plans to sly a Jet into the Indian Capitol and destroy New Delhi - they may still be on - I am not in a area conducive to focus. Sorry Indian President - you may or may not die.

Along with this will come 27 US Power Grinds being attacked by Homeland Security. If you see someone attacking an Electrical Grid - dial 911 and begin shooting them - they plan to kill you so fight back or die.

Homeland Security corporation is a Foreign Corporation operating on American Soil.

On the 16th of April these Homeland Security folks are also planning to kill President Obama in a Overt Shooting similar to the Kennedy Assassination. If this does occur kill the shooters - there will be 4 of them. Do not let them get away.

When I was a child I watched President Kennedy get shot and I hear three shots. We were then all called into an auditorium to hear the bad news of this Liberal President (who slept around on his wife and was high on drugs)being shot and we heard 3 gun shots. The next replay only had one gun shot so I asked shy and was told to shut up.Yea - lie that worked. Every one else heard it also.

By the way - President Obama has just declared himself God - everything YOU own belongs to Homeland Security and to him. Please read:

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Please also pray that the Ukraine is given back to the Elected President - Yanakovich. I do not like him but the people did vote for him and the UK needs to get it's 1,800 Avanti troops out of Kiev.

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