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Sunday, March 16, 2014

You Are Making A Difference APFN Readers

Over the last few weeks we have been using APFN as a platform to guide Visual Prayer and stop what is coming.

-------Blogger Readers - you can join in. You make a HUGE difference in World Politics------

Today we entered the Age Of Aquarius - more on my UN report - at 10:09 Am my time here on the West Coast. Apparently we passed through some line in space.

The New World Order had until this time to start this Nuclear War and they have failed Miserably and now their system must come down - according to the King of Kings and lord of Lords.

SO here are today's events:

1) The 3 Jets Pres Obama uses are down due to both mechanical and software problems.

2) The Russians stopped the Nuclear Weapon's Transfer to North of Chernobyl by the US Army Attache's to the US Embassy in the Ukraine.

3) Crimea voted 95% to join Russia in accordance with the Russian/Ukariane Treaty. Observers form the Austrian Courts certified the vote.

4) The New Illegal Ukraine Leaders may be murders but they are not Suicidal - a Nuke in Chernobyl would have been insane - and they have signed a treaty with Russia to cease hostilities.

5) Angela Merkel of Germany scraped her Gold Mirror (Rt Side) and something fell off - a Bug placed there by orders of Pres Obama so she is not really happy with this Obama Created War.

6) Finally, Venice is now voting to leave Italy - and they have the right under treaties signed before WW2. They need their tax dollars to prop up Venice before it sinks too far.

All of this may be found on either



You are making a difference APFN - keep visualizing - praying - that Lucifer fails at every attempt to steal money and make war.

As for flight 337, or is it 307, or maybe 377?

It was shot down - but there was another plane --- see the radar shots --- but the Diego Garcia airfield is a little tight for a Boeing 777 at 1,200 feet long --------- I will leave you with that.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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