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Monday, March 31, 2014

Huge Developments in the World

This very hour we are seeing some huge developments on this planet.

Please pray with me - focus - that Lucifer's Plan to start this Nuclear War fails miserably.

1) Fukushima was pounded by a very large wave today. The US is again playing with Tidal Wave Makers in the form of large "explosions off of Sendai.

We have the technology to neutralize the radiation at Fukushima but someone needs to want to clean up Japan and so far - no one has come forward.

2) John Kerry gave a speech were he stated he met with a Russian Delegate, who happened to be on the opposite side of the Globe at a Nuclear Security Meeting.

Minutes of his speech 30 March:

"""""This afternoon when I spoke with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, I reiterated the United States’ commitment to coordinate closely with Ukraine and to sustain our strong support throughout this process. With the full support of the Ukrainian people, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk is moving ahead with constitutional change, democratic elections, and painful but necessary economic reforms. And as we have seen in the past week at the IMF and the UN, as well as in the EU and the G7, the international community stands firmly with Ukraine. We will continue working in lockstep to provide them with the economic and the political support that they need during their transition."""""

3) Further - John Kerry is fully implicated in working with Turkey to start a major Nuclear War in Syria, something the US has planned since 2006.

4) Thus before The President Obamas (6 of them) thus took office the war with Syria was planned. Pres Obama is just an actor - a puppet on a string.

5) The US is planning another False flag - from what I can read 14 April (+-3) in Boston using a plane crashing into the commons and an already in place Nuke on the ground - set up by the Jesuits centered in Chicago. Alternate target is currently Seattle - the center of the city.

This is why all the Hubub surrounding Flght 370.

6) APFN - you are right. The patents held were very important - they allow the Rothchilds to directly track, and control, everyone on the planet from London.

These chips can be placed in weapons and preset so if you are an "Undesireable" they can kill you from 8,000 miles away. This gives them Great Pleasure.

I had to wait to release this information until I knew where the next false flag was planned.

7) John Kerry also talked about the Russian Troops on the Ukraine Boarder - there are none and NBC confirmed it.

John Kerry's Speech again:

"""""Both sides made suggestions on ways to deescalate the security and political situation in and around Ukraine. We also agreed to work with the Ukrainian Government and the people to implement the steps that they are taking to assure the following priorities: the rights of national minorities; language rights; demobilization and disarmament of irregular forces and provocateurs; an inclusive constitutional reform process, and free and fair elections monitored by the international community."""""

8) Tour Of Ukraine Boarder finds NO Russian Troops. The entire crisis is Made Up by the US State Department.

Nothing John Kerry or Pres Obama says is true - nothing.

9) Today Russia has come out with a Gold Backed Rubble. Forced to trade without the US Dollar the BRIC nations are now falling behind the new Rubble. Further - Russia has flushed the Dollar from Russia.

10) Within a few days China will follow Russia.

11) A little about the coming False Flag to start WW3:

The Rothchilds and Rockefallars and their coward Jesuits kill openly because no World Leader is man enough to kill them and if you try you will be tortured until the day you die.

They kill Ambassadors. Presidents, plan loads of people, start World Wars and fly planes into buildings. As we speak they have teams of folks who get their jollies by shooting folks with Microwave weapons. This is who they are.

Flight 47, Flight 800, Flight 370, 9/11, Oklahoma City, WACO, Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Japanese Ambassador to Japan (Same Day) - the list of their murders goes on and on and on.

TMI - Too Much Information, Enough.

This is a spiritual war. Pray - Visualize - the Living GOD neutralizing their weapons permanently.
For you Intel Geeks:

If I am wrong even once -all of you die in one big fire ball.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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