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Monday, March 17, 2014

UN Broadcast 16 March 2014 - The Beginning of The Age of Aquarius

What you are about to read is a summary of the Internal UN broadcast given a few hours ago from both London and New York City.

Whether YOU like it or not this is how they think and this is how your world leaders think. I will give a fair and unbiased synopses of the broadcasts.

The meditation for these broadcasts began at about 4AM my time and I was awoken (By Something I cannot describe) to join in on these meditations.

The two broadcasts were apprehensive and tense ans I felt an anticipation towards something that is coming - something that is not supposed to come - like a Nuclear War.

Something was strange as the time of the Full Moon was estimated to be at 3 different times. One reference stated about 1PM GMT, one stated about 3PM GMT, and the UN one was at 5:09GMT. I never seen this before. Something is wrong with the Sun/Moon.

When the Farmers Almanac, Google and the UN do not agree on the time of the Full Moon something is wrong - there was 0ver a 4 hour variation in times.

The most significant item covered is that at 10:06 Western Standard Time we have now entered the Age of Aquarius.

This age is Aquarius in the Heavens and Virgo on Earth.

The these of the broadcast was: I leave my fathers house and turn back to save.

In other words - As a 4th Dimensional Energy Being I leave this dimension, come to the 3rd Dimension and experience the Riches of the Material World, and then turn form these riches to start the slow ascent back to the 4th Dimension through many life times.

At this time, and this time alone, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Shambala - home of the Asherons - were completely aligned for us to bring down whatever energies we wished so as to help Humanity.

The Role of Humanity is to act as Mediators for the Great Sons of Lucifer to bring their energies down to Earth and use them to unite Man Kind. and to become our own Christs.

Christianity will now be transformed beyond itself and through the example of Christ teach us how to emulate this Christ and reunite Planet Earth under our great saviors the Asherons.

We are the leaders in this New World Religion and will usher in The Great Teacher through the Great Invocation - something Eleanor Roosevelt read on the radio way back in 1932.

The Emerging Churches - the Post Pentecostal, Post Presbyterian and Post Catholic - that are arising throughout Africa and the US are now relying more on Spiritual Encounters and teachings through these encounters than on the Bible or a Preacher. It is in these Spiritual Experience that occur during worship sessions that these people will Transcend Christianity.

There will be a Back Lash form the Fundamentalist - those who read the bible and obey it - but we will transcend these Narrow Minded Folks in this New World Religion. We must accept these new ideas of Abortion and Infanticide (Killing Live Children) and Homosexuality and respect them a Personal Choices in this new age.

It is through the combining of Buddhism through Lord Buddha and Christianity that we will be united as one world religion.

The New Pope is accepting these ideas and if they relinquish their Spiritual Hold over people will lead the way into this new age of Aquarius.

The Sign of Pisces takes form all other signs and it is through this time that the New World Teacher will be invoked and brought forth to teach us how to combine Buddhism and Christianity.

Master KH and Jakool will guide us through this transition.

(((Master KH is Koot Hoomi, an Indian Saint of Budha, Jakool is an Indian Mystic. Both Channel Spirits of Asheron, sons of Lucifer)))

Once we give up all attachments to the Glamour (Riches) of the world then we can truly have anything we wish - and we will then tern back to our Fathers House to save Humanity as a Christ Like Conciousness.

"Omanepadum" - Behold the Lotus Springs Forth

The Lotus Flower Blooms.

We start out in dirt, flow through water, and rise into the light and bloom as a flower heading towards the light. So too must man follow in this example.

We now unify ourselves with Humanity as a Light Worker and Meditate to bring down the energy of the Asherons though the Hierarchy form Shambala.

We then meditated during the Full Moon.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount

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