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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kill Cancer by Inhaling Frankincense

We have not yet discussed Essential Oils but here is a method to kill cancer cells.

The oils not only kill these cancer causing molds on contact but also raise the vibrational energy of the human cells from 52MHz to around 62MHZ - so your body heals itself.

Following is the article:
From: John
Subject: Kill Cancer by Inhaling Frankincense
Each night, in your bedroom Venta air filter, put filtered water, with
about ten drops of pure oil of frankincense, along with about four
eye-droppersful of mild silver protein (400 parts per million) or any
reputable brand of liquid silver germicide to prevent bacterial growth
in your Venta air filter's water reservoir. Keeping your bedroom door
closed, you will be inhaling vaporized air, wafting cancer-killing
frankincense all night long,
  Remember, also, that the deadly bird flu and other super flus may
become epidemic, and so, you should seek out anti-viral essential
oils to likewise inhale and thus, infuse into your bloodstream,
because stomach ingestion is not a direct pathway, nor is it the
optimum pathway for putting viruscidal agents into your bloodstream.
   Please save this message because it could make the difference
between suffering horribly from the deadly bird flu or dying from it.
Bird flu has a *60 to 90* percent kill rate. So, in the average family
of four, three will die.     JD
   A video description of the Venta air filter.
   I have the smaller model Venta air filter with one disc stack.
   One of several sources of pure oil of franckicense
   Leicester University Researchers Find that Frankincense Kills Cancer Cells.

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