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Monday, March 31, 2014


This is update #3 on the cure for cancer. This article will literally cover the cure for about anything that ails you - form Cancer to Lupus, from Diabetes to Lyme's Disease.

So here goes:

1) First you must decide to live. Whatever your ailment you must decide that the modern medical community got you here - sick - so lets us look outside the "American Medical Box."

2) Begin with vitamins. We recommend you use Centrum Silver. Kelp is much better and if you can afford this use it.

I personally found in me that Osteoperosis went away in 3 months, bone mass went from 65% - 105% in 3 months by using 1 Centrum every other day. VA records as shown on Ch 23 and 77 in Seattle.

3) Clean out your Liver and Kidneys wit a tea of Burdock Root and Rose Hips. One teaspoon of each per week should do you.

4) To cure cancer add iodine.

We sue one water purification tablet every other day - 8MG every other day. If you can afford Kelp Tablets instead - all the better.

1 Teaspoon of Kelp has 1.25MG iodine, you need 3 per day.

If you are allergic to Iodine clean out your system with the Ion Cleanse from E-bay for $120.

The "Cure" rate for the use of vitamins and Iodine is 97% over 10 years. Try that on for size and see how it fits.

In Chernoble the Russian Governement Workers were fed Potassium Iodide and were all dead within 2 years.

My adopted family in Kiev shoveled Radioactive Charcoal and were fed Miso Soup and Sea Weed and they are alive today to talk about it.

When the US Army went into Hiroshima and Nagasaki just after the end of WW2 we discovered that those Japanese that moved back into the cities just after the blast that ate Miso Soup and Kelp lived, those that did not dies.

We used this method on my wife and here are the results: Cancer Tumors and Melanoma stopped growing in 6 weeks, the Melanoma and Tumors were gone in 6 months --- no scarring.

5) So what about Malaria (Parasite): Make a tea of the following ingredients all of equal parts - use 1 /2 teaspoon er day: Burdock Root, Marshmallow, Dandelion Root, Rose Hips, Cloves, Bitter Wormwood (Artemesia Annua).

6) Plaque Build Up and high Blood Pressure: We use 1,000MG EDTA once per week only. Within 1 year my wife's blood pressure went down 35 points.

7) Age Extension: We are currently trying Blue Green Algea form Klamath Lake. The manufacturers claim it extends Human Life, got sued by the FDA and won - so - we are trying it.

8) Full Body Cleanse. The Ion Cleanse is found on Ebay for about $120. It will help detoxify your body and according to many extends Human Life by 7 times. This machine is essential - buy lots of extra coils.

Remember - It takes 6 months to see real results so be patient.


1) Cancer: Many report the use of 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda per day makes the body basic and the Tumors stop right now.

2) Tumeric: This little spice not only stops tumor growth but reduces swelling and thus reduces your chances for a heart attack In fact - prolonged use softens your veins and arteries and Plaque slowly comes off. No more strokes, heart attacks, Aneurysms go down because blood pressure goes down, and cancer simply stops growing.

We use this daily on everything. We can afford it.

3) Citricare for Vim and Vigor: This is Glycerine Based citrus seed extract. The results against Fungal Infections (Including Cancer) are off the charts.

4) Hyperbaric Chambers. The claims here are remarkable - everything from Lyme Disease to Cancer is reduced to almost Zero, giving your body time to rest and recover.

Cost for a treatment runs about $100. The actual Hyperbaric Chamber runs around $10,000 a piece.

5) The Skilling Institute. The cells of each disease explode at a particular frequency. Ed has mapped the frequencies of so many diseases and added them to one single machine. Walk in with Cancer of Malaria - walk out Cancer or Malaria free.

The Photon Genius runs about $16,000 and every hospital should have one.

The portable Photon Genie runs about $3,500.

The other thing Ed has programmed into this machine are frequencies to stimulate you own cells - so you feel invigorated.

Imagine if a hospital had this machine - No more Malaria, Lyme Disease, Cancer, etc.

6) Surfactants. We have been using these gems for a while and te results are beyond belief.

a) Citricare uses Glycerine and gets rid of so many diseases including HIV - but it tastes horrible. When My wife or I get sick we reach for the bottle and use 100 drops and are fine the next day. It also is extremely effective as a Water Purifier - better than Iodine.

b) Immusist. This is a combination of 80 different Surfactants that are beneficial to Humans. I have been told by those involved incredible stories that I am personally finding true: Diabetes reversed in 2 months, Stage 4 Lung Cancer gone in 4 weeks, Autistic Children can speak in 12 months, in High School in 3 years. More on this product later.

I have even been told by an individual that his plaque in his veins and arteries are gone, and so is his Black Longs form 54 years of heavy smoking. WOW!

He said that 54 years of tar in his lungs - gone. No emphysema, no Athesma, no wheezing in 6 months of using Immusist.

The blood test on a child that could not speak - and the mom was told there was nothing the Medical Community could do for him - speaking in 12 months, his eyes were no longer glazed over. Hundreds of moms telling the same story over and over again.

Military Moms with deformed children by the dozens - their children complete idiots - now in school - normal schools.

If I had no money I would buy Immusist and Kelp.

Wow - when a Mom sees her child able to speak for the first time in 10 years - watch out. She will tell the world, and this is just what is happening. You can't take away a mom's license to speak out, can you?
I bind those who are to come against the techniques and Companies in this article and I turn you over to the destruction of your flesh and and I command the demons in these people to the Firey Pit for all eternity, in the name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who was and is and is to come, and in the name of HIS son Jeshua.

APFN Readers -make this go viral, thanks.
Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malts - Russian, not Catholic. I belong to GOD, not the Pope
Cpt (Ret) USA


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  2. My Husband is taking the Immusist, I'm hoping for good results. He has Colon Cancer that spread to his liver. Was treated with Chemo intravenously plus chemo pills. Was diagnosed in 2010. Now the cancer is in his lungs and he is under Hospice care sense December 2015.Do you think the seaweed would help him at this point ? If so how do you recommend him take it ?

  3. Hello Dr. Mount,

    I enjoy your videos. In one of your videos, you recommended a booklet called 'Hiroshima'. I am not sure the one selling on Amazon is the same one. Can you please direct me to where to buy the booklet you are recommending?

    Also, in your video and post above, you suggest that Potassium Iodide kills. I have been taking Lugols mixture of iodine and potassium iodide based on a doctor who has been recommending it. Can you direct me to any source that explains why potassium iodide is harmful Thank you.

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