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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oh Boy - More on Flight 370

The world is at the verge of nuclear War and we are talking about flight 370.

OK - so it turned course and flew a very long way to Diego Garcia and no civilian jets or military jets form Malaysia or Cambodia or Ceylon of Vietnam, or Thailand or India or Australia saw this missing plane?

Then this Boeing 777-200 Jumbe Jet fully loaded with Passengers and Luggage landed on an Air Strip the size of an Air Craft Carrier and none of the passengers made a call to their family or loved ones in those three extra hours of flight?

"Hey Momma - we took a left turn and are off course"

Not one telephone call to their family members in a three hour period flying to Diego Garcia?

It was a clear day. The moment you made a left turn at 35,000 feet and fly over Malaysia Again you would look down and notice the Island, right?

And there are all sorts of Cell Towers and radar in hte huge cities it woudl have flown over, right?

The Thailand and Malaysian and Indian Air Force would have an immediate military response due to a large Jumbo Jet entering their Air Space that was not expected - especially after 9/11 - right?

Ever flown before?

We are talking about a Jumbo Jet lading on a 1,208 (On a good Day) foot air strip that has passengers and luggage?

OK - we can land a 50 year old B-52 there but their wings are stiff (Not Flexible like on ht 777-200 JUMBO JET) and their landing gear beefed up to land on this strip.

So now we suddenly have some US paid "Al Kada" member telling us this hijacking was planned what - 15 years ago?
Then the plane was stored in a hanger?

What next - a monkey claiming it saw the jet on it's island?

Besides - Diego Garcia has no large hangers.

There ain't squat on Diego Garcia except nice beaches and Military Women.

Look at the Aerial Photos.

Think About It..............

The Rothchilds know we are all watching them - focusing our energy to kick them off this planet.

So they create a controversy so we fight among ourselves.

So rather than watching these demon Possessed Creeps we fight each other.

Move on People - we were tricked into believing some master conspiracy.

Ain't no large hangers on Diego Garcia, ain't no good women to date there and housing for us military folks stinks and the food is not that good and the water is horrible - but the beaches are great if you want a tan and it is very peaceful there.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount
Retired Army Captain

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