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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Day At The Fair, or - Braindead America

Today was a real eye opener for my wife and I.

We went to the local Sewing Expo and wow - what an experience.

We talk about preserving America allot here on APFN - but what is America?

The people that were there were polite and well dressed. They were showered and active.

On the other hand this is what we observed:

1) We were walking among the Brain dead. It was like walking in Zombie Land. You could feel the stupidity of the population.

2) The people were all shuffling - walking as if they were on some type of drug like ----- like what we saw in the films of the NAZI camps after they fed the population water laden with Fluoride.

3) I have never seen so many fat people in my life - I mean really really fat ----well dressed - but fat. The fair ran out of electric wheel chairs for these folks. It was very sad.

4) The people were walking into each other like they were high ---- yes, they were polite - but they just stood around with their mouths partly opened and shuffled like drugged up Jews in WW2. I am part Jewish so thus really touches hard.

5) There were about 14 food vending places there opened - with similar numbers at the last Gun Show or Sportsman Show there - there were only two food stands open.

6) few people were buying anything and what they were buying were nick nacks - a button here or a button there. A few women really stocked up on sewing supplies.

7) The vendors we spoke to were universily angry at the high booth rates and the lack of buying customers. for many this will be the last year they spend "On The Circuit." 

It was weird. 

It was like walking through a Moron Colony.

After listening to many of these folks it was as if they were doing nothing in life but sewing a button on here or there and if they died no one would even notice. They were the Brain Dead.

This is what the Rothchilds have done to your America and no one even noticed.

When we left the show with the crowd and began driving home we noticed many folks just sitting in their cars staring off into space and waiting 4-7 seconds before they responded to a green light. One gal actually sat in the middle of the road for about 3 minutes in her car brain dead before moving forward and no one seemed to notice.

As we all recall on APFN the US Army now has a Manual on how to deal with Brain Dead Americans. I believe we are there in many areas.

FM 999-3: U.S. Army Counter-Zombie Manual

Posted by Dan Allen on Jun 22, 2011 in Media, The Blog | 5 comments   
FM 999-3: U.S. Army Counter-Zombie Manual   

As we see more and more branches of government, both federal and local, taking steps to defend and sustain themselves against the coming onslaught of the living dead, it only seems appropriate that finally a branch of the military would take counter-zombie measures as well.

The U.S. Army Zombie Combat Command, a new division of the U.S. Army has been formed to take counter-zombie measures by means of preparation and awareness. Their most important contribution to this preemptive move agains the undead is their Field Guide: the FM 99-3 Counter-Zombie Operations at the Fireteam Level manual gives thurough information to servicemen on how to identify and exterminate the living dead. This is a short yet thurough guide weighing in at just over 20 pages yet containing some significant meat within its pages. Some general topics include:

    A breakdown of the disease and symptoms
    Effective Weaponry
    Dealing with Disorderly Citizens
    Terrain and Weather considerations
    and much more

The best thing about this field guide is that it is also available to the public. It is certainly worth downloading and reading through this brief, but helpful document. You can find it here for download.

Folks - we really need to pray that Lucifer stops drugging Americans.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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