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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Carlsbad Canyon Nuclear Disaster

When one is given a gift one never knows whether it is a curse or a true gift.

The ability to see what is coming is not often easy to live with. I see things that are coming that are horrible ans have asked you to Visualize - Pray - that these thing do not occur.

Most of you blow this off - yet we have the power collectively to stop these things IF you will work with me. Art Bell and George Noory have shown this again and again.

So what is coming right now:

We stated a while back that the world will be hit with 12 more nuclear disasters similar to Fukushima. No one even budged.

A few weeks ago we saw a Nuclear Plant in England evacuated due to high radiation levels - not one word in the media about it. One tiny little story about it. well - the meters stooped going off because they were modified so they will not go off purposely. The workers there are set to die.

We see number 2 of 12 in the latest article.

Thanks to Dr Will P Wilson the world was alerted about the Nuclear Storage Facility having a fire in their Nuclear Storage Dump - yes - a fire. A Nuclear Fire at Carlsbad in New Mexico. There are millions of pounds of Raw Uranium stored there. This is another Fukushima in the making. Apparently President Obama purposely, and with intent, targeted the company that was supposed to maintain the Storage Facility and they filed for bankruptcy.

In other words - President Obama purposely, and with intent, is now murdering the planet with another Fukushima and the US Joint Chief's of Staff are too corrupt to stop this murdering mad man Obama.

I am sure the Erectile Disfunction of the Commander of the Joint Chief's of Staff, General Dempsey, had nothing to do with this decision to let Pres Obama murder more people purposely.

Either way - we have a nasty situation brewing in the center of the American South West and a New Mexican Governor who is doing nothing about it.

We also see sink holes developing in the area - partly due to the Acid Rain washing away the Calcium this destabilizing the surface, but also because of the ground shaking due to large explosions caused by this Nuclear Disaster.

There are two more reasons for these large sink holes to develop at this time:

1) First, the Earth's Vibration is changing and this may cause even more collapse of the surface, causing Sink Holes.

2) Second - Nuclear Fracking. Yes - in order to get more oil President Obama is allowing these oil companies to destroy your ground water with Nuclear Fracking. Despite what the News Article states - it has accelerated. No Government program has ever gone away - not one.

This is insane considering the amount of oil flowing out of the ground in North Dakota, Alaska, and Southern California.

The Nuclear Fracking has nothing to do with getting more oil. It is simply a way to torch off more Nukes in an effort to kill you.


Why then would a Government form a complete underground government fully operating without surface dwellers?


So if you are not too busy - joint me in some visual prayer that Lucifer's goal to torch off another 10 Fukusima's across the planet in the next 10 months fail.

Visualize also - pray with me - that YOU read, understand, and follow the procedures in APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4.

Cancer sucks.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

PS - when I do a story I first check it on and then check it on APFN. If there are any spelling errors, or syntac errors, they were added by our  US Army Freaks at US Army Cyber Command in Fort Belvior, Virginia.

Please pray - visualize - they leave APFN alone.

Old Nuclear Tests at Carlsbad Canyon and now, 60 years later, the ground is dissolving. DUH.

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