Sunday, February 16, 2014

UN Broadcast 14 Feb 2014

Yup we not only had a Valentine's day but a full moon and  UN Broadcast all in the same day.

Like it or not - this is how your leaders think and it pays to know.

There were actually three broadcasts - one form Geneva, One form London and one form New York. So here goes a brief summary of the three broadcasts.

This was the time of the Aquarius Full Moon.  The theme here is the beginning  of the New Zodiac year. The focus is on Man Serving Man not himself. It will a group effort that is needed to restore this planet and it's economy. The general themes were as follows:

First - these broadcasts were fairly short broadcasts as we focused more on meditation throughout the world.

Second: The actual meditation begins about 2 days before the broadcasts and lasts 2 days after the broadcasts. During the meditations we focus on the Group Goals - bringing down energy from higher harmonics to achieve the Group Good rather than the individual goals.

Third - I found myself swept up in the meditations before the broadcasts even began and for a long time after the broadcasts. No - I do not do Out Of Body Experiences, I just feel and know, things. I am part of a Group Conciousness now that extends beyond boarders and space. This is who I am now.

Fourth - London Used an example of the Ancient Temple. In the old Temples the alters were located outside the Temples. The word Temple itself means Openness. This openness is extended to mean both open in the air sense but also open in the sense of exchanging Ideas - something who's time has come.

It is time to open our boarders and let ideas flow around the world both in science and religion.

There is only on religion - that of GOD and us. As a society we have been given, by this creator or GOD, the ability to come together as a race and solve our problems. It is up to us really to act accordingly.

Fifth - New York stressed the idea that Aquarius we will see large unexpected events occur both in the world and in our own personal lives. This time of unexpected event allow us to grow as we learn to adapt to these natural events.

Lucifer and his entities were sent here to bring us stress so we can, and both an individual and a group - learn to grow out of these situations and grow spiritually as a race of spiritual beings.

Sixth - Each broadcast ended with a similar meditation.

Again - I would like to thank those who have invited me into this group and hope that you - the readers of APFN - use this platform to learn and improve your lives.
As a side note - the ability to focus as a group - to really pray - is what really will bring us together and rid thi planet of these horrible situations.

Take cancer - for example: When your reach 50 years old every other person in your life will have both Heart Disease and Cancer- one in two.

Look in the mirror - this is not the person you were 30 years ago. Those are wrinkles and white hair.

Who is that person in the mirror - it is not you is it?


You need to think of how to reverse this thing that has changed you into an old person. This is what we do - we reverse the aging by showing you what to eat to stop these horrible things from happening to you.

Wrinkle - yuck.

The biggest killer of those under 14 now i not war, not car wrecks, not suicide --- it is cancer.

So why are we not reading, and understanding, the two stories:


We should be praying - really visualizing - that we ourselves fully understand these stories and use them in our lives.

This is how we change our world - one person at a time

We start with ourselves.

This is the summary of these UN broadcasts - change ourselves and focus with me on changing all who read these stories.
You Heard It First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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