Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can We Zeig Heil Yet

The United States Corporation, Under the direct supervision of the Rothchilds Financial System in England and the Roman Pope,  has now reached such a stage as to be absorbing all other nations.

As you read this please pray - really visualize - that this plan of Lucifer's falls apart.

This plan was initiated way back with the National Security Act of 1947. This Act extablished the Corporations of The Office of National Intelligence and the CIA. Here we will focus on hte latter, although they do work together.

The CIA was originally formed to: 

Gather Intelligence throughout the world and to create a political environment that supports the Corporation of the United States within the Virginia Charter as owned by the Crown of England.

To this end we see that the United States today has done the following:

1) Admitted to spending $5 Billion US Tax Payer Dollars to destroy the Ukrainian Governmentand is now moving to destroy Russia again.:

2) Under the direction of the direction of Homeland Security the local police in Chicago are going door to door threatening blacks stating that "A Computer Claims" they are about to commit a crime so as to stir up resentment and create riots so as to make more money through their private corporate jails system.

3) The Stazi (State NAZI Police) have gone

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