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Monday, February 3, 2014

Who Is Patricia Schupe Holmes

She is one of the most gracious TV hosts you will ever encounter.

When she grew up she had many encounters with those who claimed to be form the Pleadies Star System and she was told she was supposed to take over the crown of England.

Dr Will P Wilson (All Day Live TV Show) has seen her many times communicating with these beings through the Computer suing a strange kind of language.

She also married the Chief Judge of Seattle and soon found out he was the head Satanic Human Sacrificing Priest for the Green River Cult and she knows Gary Ridgeway very well. When she discovered who they were she bailed out.

Richard - if you every have an opportunity to be on her show - go. When is extremely gracious and one of the kindest people I have every met.

OK - the whole Alien thing too some getting used to as the only Flying Saucer I have sen is a US made one - although I have seen the TAW-50 - she is so gentle with you as a hoot it is very relaxing to be on her show.

Dr Willam B. Mount

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