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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Blackmail At The VA, They Must Be Suicidal

Once again the VA has done it: They have tried to Black Mail me.

As you recall: Several months ago my Endochronologist died at the VA Hospital in Tacoma and was forced to drive to the Seattle VA to see another Endochronologist to get my Testosterone and Synthroid.

The VA Doctor there in Seattle refused to issue me these medications unless I agreed to go into a study where tjhe VA can use my brain as a test subject and begin a series of MRIs - which cause brain damage and cancer.

I said no and left - but not before my wife let her have it.

I got a Private doctor and now they give me prescriptions of Human Identical Hormones and Synthroid.

I decided to take the Synthroid prescription to the VA to get it fulled this morning.

This after noon I got a call from a private clinic that just got a call form the VA:  She was supposed to tell me that the VA needs a battery of Blood tests or it will not issue my Synthroid as prescribed by my Private doctor. When I informed them that tis is a violation of USC 38 they laughed - I must participate in yet another study and have these records of my latest blood tests sold around the world or they will not issue me the Synthroid.

Blackmailed by the VA again.

So - again - I called the VA Patient Representatives in Tacoma - that was worthless.

I was also informed several weeks ago that my request for outside dental care was approved. I fgot an estimate for the repair costs: $20,000. The VA Dental Director in Seattle flipped out and then denied this request when she found out how bad the Tacoma VA Dental had let my teeth go.



Is this what you really want America?
Here is where the Suicidal Comes In: For those of you who have been following my stories on Pravda and APFN you will realize that we warned the world about the following (1-5 months before they were to occur) just within the last 120 days and they were stopped, and reported in the Euro Times, Sorcha Articles, Chinese Press, and here on APFN -- oh course we have been doing this now for 7 years:

1) Nuke in DC set to go off 24 Sep 2013, found by the DC NCIS.

(((((Remember - I got into this mess 7 years ago by helping stop Operation Bite - Kill Pres Bush 4 April, Nuke Salt Lake 6 April and start a Nuclear War with the Evil Iranians. They launch on Israel, the follow hte Samson Doctrine - a Nuclear WW3.)))))

2) 30 Nukes headed for the  Atlantic Trench, stopped on the way and detonated causing a 4.5 Quake in Charleston - than you Sen Nelson. Was set to cause Mid Atlantic Plate to shift, causing huge title wave and death of most folks in Eastern US Shoreline as far inland as Dc, West Africa, Portugal, and Western England - as well as Eastern Brazil. The Admirals who stopped this were fired.

3) On 16 Dec a Nuke was shipped  via US Mail to the Swedish Embassy in DC and removed by the CIA - this was all over the Swedish Papers.

4) Terrorist Attack on Super Bowl.The Small nuke was found by a Janitor 2 days before the Super Bowl exactly where I said it wound be.

5) The Ukraine Riots - I identified who the rioters were based on their shoes, the Russian Embassy then tapper the US Ambassador's phone and replayed the conversation on You Tube where he admitted to funding the riots, plotting to displace their president, and he said "F The EU."

6) The terrorist in the Sochi Olympics. Benjamin Fulford posted on his blog that they have already arrested 10 terrorists and found 1 Nuke under the main stadium where I said it would be 4 months ago. More terrorists will be arrested and one more nuke found.

Now, all over the world,it is being reported that the man who stopped these nukes form going off by identifying these terrorist attacks months before they occurred, cannot even get his teeth fixed in America.

The US looks like a laughing stock around the world today.

To top that off - A few hours ago the US Navy ran one of it's frigate aground just outside of Sochi and this is all over the press.

The US, It's Military, it's VA - it's Politicians and People are now considered the Morons of the world - Idiots --- and thanks to you at the VA - you made it happen.

Your gratefulness for being alive based on my efforts has in both DC and Salt Lake is now a topic of discussion world wide.  Not only did you deny my VA Fraud Claims, you also denied my US Treasury Form 5444E and my Form 211s. 

Unbelievable yet true.


People are not beginning to recognize that the sun is now going nuts.

This will now be dealt with by GOD, so says the  AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

No prayer is necessary on this one.

Oh - DOD a about the new US Air Base in Ukbekistan to bring in Drones to kill people all over central Asia for fun - forget about it. Look up you ungrateful Oafs. Your Brains have gone Catty Wampus, down the tubes, you are three bricks shy of a full load, you have a permanent Brain Fart, You have Octal rectalitis so bad you have to polish your bellies to see straight.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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