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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Great Russian Deception Spring 2014

There is a great Russian Deception now occurring to assist in the destruction of the Russia Power Base and ring about this coming Nuclear War, Moscow and St Petersburg are primary targets. It will take 9 seconds to reach Moscow from London with a Scram Nuke.

As you read this please visualize (Pray) that these plans of Lucifer and the English/American/French coalition fail miserably.

Here is how it worked, and please note that Eward Snowden releases all of this information 5-9 days after we post it on APFN, Blogspot and Pravda:

1) The US Embassy, under orders from the Rothchilds., initiated a great Ukrainian Revolution. Unfortunately the initial rioters wore Base Ball Caps from America and Brown Shoes with show laces.

There are now Brown Shoe Laces in Kiev.

The US Embassy planned, and initiated, these riots and then provided US citizens to start it and provided the explosives for the rioters as well. There was a man there at a nice hotel just down the street from the Kiev Ministry of Foreign Affairs who actually openly sold these explosives several months ago, got drunk and went to bed.He is a white male, American, about 50 and thin, cleanly shaven, and very open when drunk.

2) The US warned the Russians about "Explosive Tooth Paste on a Jet" threat about 7 days ago.

3) About 2 days ago a man stepped up on a Ukrainian jet and said: Take me to Sorchi so I can blow people up. The plane was grounded and the man arrested.

4) While Russian forces were busy searching the planes coming out of Kiev another plane flew over South Eastern Turkey and sodl some explosives to some men in a small truck - and they are headed to Sorchi to meet this 45 eyar old Gypsie omen we already talked about.

5) About 324 hours ago a small boat (About 24 feet long) left a port just East of Yalta with a boat load of booze and explosives. He docked it just North of Sorchi and gave a friend some booze, Clear Liquid Explosives he got from the US Embassy in Kiev (Courier on a train, then Taxi to Yalta) and then he partied all night, returning home today.

I knew of the threat 3 days ago but my teeth hurt and the VA Dental Director in Seattle just denied my $20,000 dental bill.

So bnow, Russia, you have a multi-level threat that you will need to spend millions on to stop simply because no one in Russia was smart enough to ask for my teeth to be fixed.

The liquid explosives came with a carry-on bag (Black) of parts that are capable of making a bomb that is electronically detonated with a battery.

Teh explosives will be delivered in a Briefcase (Brown? Leather) to an area just North and slightly west of the main events.

The idea here is maximum carnage.

The Evil Shai Muslims are blamed and War.

6) In the mean time - the US has positionsed 2 carrier groups (15 Nuke Sube) with over 6,000 nuclear missiles just West of Sorchi just in case somebody torches off a bomb.

7) A similar underwater fleet is currently stations off of Baejing and Vladavastock and the South Indian Coast

8) The US has fully deployed the Antigravity Fleet - X-33, TAW-650, etc.

9) And Yes - Nuke, last day of Olympics but YOU figure it out - my teeth hurt. Main stadium, in the corner form below. POOF! The entire stadium, Angela Merkel, French President, Pres Putin, and a whole lot of other BRIC nation leaders die. A few nukes fly and Voila - the Rothchilds win again.
Of course - Edward Snowden will reveal documents relating to this again 5-9 days after the Olympics.


I do Not want this war either and whoever is feeding me this information makes Lucifer look like a child --- this is why I am still alive today and totally willing to work with your Intel Staff.
Remember 21 Sep, 3 Oct, 16 Dec and the Bomb at the Superbowl I announced long before your staff was aware of any threat?

As for the Alien Species that could stop this mess and do not - the Living GOD will now deal with you - this very hour. Be afraid - who ever I answer to can change the structure of the sun in less than 5 minutes, shake the entire center of Russia for 10 hours, and drop a penny into your propulsion system any time, any where, any place.

You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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