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Saturday, February 22, 2014

President Yanukovich of Ukraine is Missing

A few hour ago the President of the great nation of the Ukraine went missing.

He has gone underground because the US has put a $5 Billion Dollar Bounty on his head.

While the Russians are focused on finding the second US made nuke under the Sochi Olympics main stadium the US has sent the same troops that were in Syria into the Ukraine - complete with snipers, Special Forces and Special Ops.

In fact - the Russian Security forces have just located this Nuke and I believe t is currently neutralized - they simply removed the battery.

We warned Yanukovich through his own E-mail, Pres Putin on Pravda and PM Medvedev on his own Facebook account - yet the Russians had the courtesy of allowing their Consulate Lap Dog in Seattle call me back ---- arrogance to the max.

So here is what else is about to occur as sponsored by the Rothchilds you arrogant Chinese and Russians:

1) Riots and a coup in Thailand to forment more revolutions in North Eastern India - so the US can sponsor another nations and break India up again.

2) More weapons will be sent to Pakistan to create more drums of war between India and Pakistan. This will also create bad tensions between Pakistan, India and China with the results of Tibet breaking away form China.

3) Coup in Venezuela - start with Riots, then killings, then a coup. One more Russian Allie bites the dust and the Rothchilds spread their debt.

4) Riots will spread to Belarus and Moldov from the Ukraine. Same MO - Coups, buy US Treasury Notes.

5) The Dally Llama just met with US DOD officials to forment plans to break Tibet away form China to buy US Fed Debt Notes.

6) ramp up killings in Bosnia to break Kosovo away form Serbia - another Russian allie bites the dust as the Serbian leadership is planned to collapse or be killed by the English Owned Corporation called the CIA.

7) Indonesia and the Philippine Muslim Terrorist Nut Cases will be given more weapons because these governments are resistant to turn their internal affairs over to the CIA.

8) All nations that do not support Slavery (Non-muslim) in Africa - their leaders ill now be killed and no one will even notice.

TMI - gotta go.

Russian Leadership - you have been told how to stop this by GOD --- all you have to do is listen.

Please pray - really visualize - the Russian Leadership listens and that this story goes viral.
You heard this first here on APFN

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

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