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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Cure For High Blood Pressure

Men - go get your wives on this one and really pray (Visualize) she reads it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not another train.

My wife just got back form the doctor - blood pressure was 120/80 and she is overweight.

This is something she has struggled with all her life - it is the real "Gate Keeper" for the rest of your health.

Like many women  has always been a little overweight after they removed her tonsils and gained a few pounds through a couple of kids.

Then she began "Parametapausal" ---- Pre-PMS.

Oh my - .the Hormones went whacky and so did she.

She went to the doctor and they gave her "The Patch."

Then she could not sleep so they gave her Ambien - or some equivelant. Then she started forgetting things - like wahat just happened.

She got depressed because she was loosing her "Woman Hood" so her doctor gave her an anti-depressant.

Then she got some Blood Thinner Pill because her blood pressure was a little high - 140 over 100.

Then her heart started to skip - another drug.

So she had an occasional glass of wine which helped with the Headaches she was getting.

So then she goes down to The Club and every other woman is doing the same thing so she thinks": IS this what life is all about?

She gets more depressed so the y upped her dosage of Anti-Depressants and then the doctor added another Anti-Depressant to help the first Anti-Depressant.

Now she is about 55 and her Blood Pressure reaches  195 over 170 - so they up her blood thinner.

She looks in hte mirror and realizes the Doctors she has been going to are giving her Band-aids and her risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and all sorts of other bad things is "Through The Roof Alice."

So now she diets like a mad man: The Fen Fen Pill, Atkins  Diet, Apple Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, it goes on an on.

You loose 01 pounds and gain 15 pounds.

Then you go to your doctor and they tell you that you are "Pre-Diabetic" and they want you to start Metformin and Lisinopril daily.

You think "Oh My God, can it get any worse?"

Your doctors mean well - but all they have done is "Monitor" your situation. What the heck does that mean: "Monitor."

Your best friend just had a "Minor Heart Attack" and she does what you do and  is just like you - and what is a "Minor" Heart Attack anyway?

Then the bills come through for what Obama Care will no longer pay for.

All she can do now is go to work, come home, Shower, cook something simple, watch some TV and go to bed - and start all over again tomorrow.



First - you have realized your life is OUT OF CONTROL.

You have it within yourself to fix you, no one else can.

Second: Your body is more than likely not absorbing the nutrients you eat. No matter how much you eat all you absorb is fat.

Third - stop eating Crap - throw out the White Bread and switch the Gluten Free Bread or Spelt Bread. You may need to dump your Soy Bean Oil, Beet Sugars and corn Oil - it is all Genetically Modified garbage in my opinion.

Fourth - Start eating Sea Weed, EDTA and Immusist.

We eat some sea weed about every other day in my soups. It is a good nutrition base.

We also used EDTA (1,500 MG) once a week with a good vitamin tablet.

We used 15-50 drops of Immusist per day, depending on how I feel.

We also use an Ion Cleanse once a week - you can buy them on Ebay for about $120.
Go slow and realize that as the EDTA and Immusist begin to work we have discovered that you absorb a higher percentage fo your drugs so it is normal to decrease your drug use in half durinng the first three months. Check with your doctor.

Remember -- it is YOUR body, not the Doctor's.

It took my wife 55 years to get her body out of shack and it has taken us 5 years to bring her Blood Pressure down from 195/170  to 120/80 and her veins and arteries are now very flexible so she can absorb what she eats - like lots of Chocolate.

Her Migraine Headaches.

Her craving for wine and chocolates is gone.


My blood pressure today was 120/84 after 2 large cups of white coffee

My wife's blood pressure was 120/80 after a large cup of coffee and a 50 mile freeway drive.
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Dr William B. Mount


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