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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Corporation of hte United States of America - Video

 As you read this visualize (Pray)  that America takes it's nation back form the crown of England and Lucifer's plans to kill us are stopped.

This is perhaps the best explanation of what the United States is in video format.

1) Created in 1607 by the Virginia Charter

2) The Treasury belongs to the King of England

3) The 1871 Organic Constitution forces the takeover of the entire nation by DC

4) DC flag has 3 stars,

 a) 1 for the US Military,

 b) 1 for Spiritual Leadership in Rome,

 c) 1 for financial Leadership in London by the Rothchilds.

 5) The 1913 Federal reserve Act gives all Gold and Silver to England and then we rent our Debt Notes (Money) from an English Corporation owned by the Rothchilds at interest.

6) US Senate Report 93-549 discusses the destruction of the rights of Americans  by  the DC government.


The above pertains to most nations formerly invaded by Britain. such as: australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, France, India, China, Rhodesia, South Africa, Scotland.....and hte US Corporate Military is there to support these Corporate Bankers.

Any Questions?

Any questions.

Dr William B. Mount

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