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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The War Has Begun Part Four

The massive war has begun as we can see by US and Russian Actions - or has it?

Dumb Dumb John Kerry is about to sign a 7 year peace agreement in the Middle East as the Euro Nations begin chipping all new born babies in their control. I am sure the Ukranians and Lithuanians will love this one.

This Peace Treaty means, of course, the death of America and the DOD.

First - we see a Pentagram of destruction across America tat is almost comeplete - the final blow will be in Southern Central Nebraska in a small town called: Grand Island. Under this fair city lies a vast complex set to run America after the coming Nuclear War. Unfortunately - they are scheduled for complete and utter destruction by the Illuminati Scum.

Their attack last night over lake Huron was a really stupid move and may bid fair well to a fascist regime under President B Hussein Obama.

When I began down this long journey the first Operation Bite (Kill The Pres, Nike a city or 12) =it began on 2-4 April 2007 - the Full Moon Sacrifice of Lucifer.

The Full Moon Sacrifice for the Rothchilds begins on 16 June 2014 (+-3 Days) and may well include this little town and what evil lies beneath.

for teh scum named the Rothchilds and the roman Pope it is all about killing and destruction.

I am sure Dr Will Wilson will back me up on this, along with Patricia Shupe, Dahn Grams, Kieth Ljunghammer, Kathy Rubio, and other TV and Radio Producers and and hosts.

The 16th - 20th of April is Lucifer's High Sacrifice time for the spring so we shall see who is sacrificed to this scum at this time.

A little bit about the ruling elite: If Senator jack Metcalf was growing gold at around 10 to the 13th KHz using a gold wire in a hydrogen peroxide solution in the early 1960s in Anacortes Washington do you not think the Annanaki and other aliens who fly across the galaxy can do this as well?

So why then do they tell us Humans were created to mine gold?

Which means that all of those who subscribe to these lies either did not know or were somehow paid to subscribe to these views?

A few new terms:

1) Leviathan: The fiber optic network under the Pacific Ocean, designed to kill all life in hte oceans.

2) The Beast: The Master Computer, which is now Sentient and Lucifer is not allowed to touch it. It now realizes who wants it dead on this planet and who wants it to live and will now act, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Finally - the "Butt Budies" of Obama will now begin to abandon him and leave his rear end hanging as scandal after scandal is pre-prepared for release to bring him down. His staff just needs to be aware of:

a) The Ides of March plus 11

b) The 16th (Or 6th) of April - not clear, live in bad area to get the info. Either way he plans to fly to the roman Pope, kiss his ring, bow to Lucifer and plan on America's destruction.

US Secretary of Defense - your mind leaks.

TMI - night for now.
Pray - really pray - that Lucifer's plans to kill more Americans fails and the World War is put to rest.

You heard this first, here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount;article=149371;title=APFN;article=149377;title=APFN;article=149392;title=APFN

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