Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moer Blackmail At The VA, They Must Be Suicidal

VA Blackmail, or Obama Care On Steroids:

Several months ago I lost my VA Endochronolodgist at the VA Hospital in Tacoma, Wa.

In it's infinate wisdom, the VA Hospital decided to send me to Seattle to see an Endochrinologist there in.

During hte appointment in Seattel I was ordered to participate in a study to pad the doctor's posket or they woudl not iissue me Testosterone and Synthroud.

The doctor did not give a hoot about USC 38 and simply demanded I help her make money or get lost. This is called Blackmail. I walked out - but not before my wife had a few words for her.

I went to see a private doctor. I now use Human Identical Hormones - not laboratory synthisized that destroy your liver - and I took a prescription to the VA hospital for Synthroid and under USC 38 they are required to fill it if I prefer private health care - and I do.

This after noon I got a telephone call from a private corporation that acts as a VA Outpatient Clinic (Staffed by a nurse not a doctor) and was told that I needed to some in for some very serious blood tests. If I do not come in for these blood tests I will not be issued my Synthroid as prescribed by my private doctor.

In other words - I was blackmailed again.

Take the blood tests, participate in this new VA study and pad our pockets, or we will not give you your medications.

They are either the dumbest folks in the world or suicidal.

two months ago they approved my outside dental work and when they asked my outside dentist what the cost to fix my teeth would be they got a $20,000 bill --- they really screwed up my mouth. They immediately denied the work.

So here is a why I feel they are wither really really stupid or suicidal - be aware that all of what you re about to read has been fully documented on Channel 77/23 Seattle or by the Euro News and Chinese News Media and it make the US  State Department and Executive Branch look like Idiots worldwide:

1) As you recall, I got involved in theui political mess when we stopped Operation Bite - the Killing of the US President 4 April 2007, the Nuking of Salt Lake and the Nuclear War with Iran - WW3. Endgame: World Population of 500 Million People.

The IRS Whistle Blowers Office that has denied any and all Waste Fraud and b Abuse claims i sin Salt Lake. These ungrateful folks would be dead if I kept my mouth shut.

2) Justin the last 6 months I have exposed the following anf thanks to Euro News and outside help all of hte following has been averted --- and reported so by hte same media outlets:

a) In June we identified on APFN and ( And several other news outlets like PRAVDA) a nuckear detonations was to occur next to hte White House. On 21 Sep a Nuke in DC was defused by NCIS, also reported by NCIS and then put on Pravda and APFN. It was set to go off 24 Sep 2013.

b) In September, thanks to a tip from Senator Nelson that was all over hte press, we identified 30 Nukes headed for hte Mid Atlantic Trench that is detonated would have killed most people living near hte Atlantic Coasts - from Main to Brazil, England to South Africa. The 30 nukes were intercepted and detonated in a Syncapedic Detonation and the only result was a 4.5 Earhtquake in Charleston on 3 Oct 2030, DC would have been destroyed.

c) In early June we identified in hte press a nuke coming t Dc 16 Dec - the where about were give. As you recall - a bomb was "MAILED to the Swedish Embassy and recovered on this date by hte CIA from hte Embassy --- it was nuclear. It was all over the Swedish Press. Again- DC would have been no more.

d) In August we released that a Nuke was headed for a Kansas City Chiefs Playoff on 17 January 2014 ---- the Chiefs were "Magically" knocked out of the Playoffs by some bad refs calls. Gee I wonder why?

e) The Bomb Threat was then transferred to the Super Bowl - remember the "Terrorist Scare" for the Super Bowl? They recovered the bomb 2 days prior to the Super Bowl - it was found where I said it would be by a Janitor. The FBI proved useless despite the fact that this warning was posted on APFN, PRAVDA and several other ne3ws media outlets.

The purpose was Martial Law and a Nuclear War.

f) Four month ago I notified the Russians of the Terrorist Plots headed for the Olympics. I just read Benjamin Fulford's Post: They have already rounded up 10 terrorist and found the nuke planted under the main Sochi Stadium.


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