Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's All About You

The world situation is critical right now.

Russian leadership has blown a gasket and they are ready to engage the US fleet near the Crimean Peninsula for providing terrorists with 2 nukes they tried to detonate under SOCHI, on orders of David Rothchild and his cohorts.

Regardless of the fact that the World Leaders who were in SOCHI are Masons and must obey their MASTERS - the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD OF BOHEMIA - they all almost and their day ruined on Sunday during the Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

Forget about Fukushima

Forget about the latest measurements on the Nuclear Storage facility in New Mexico melting down, as is one in England right now.

Forget about the sun going nuts.

Forget about the Banstas all over the world being suicided - murdered.

Forget about the coming US economic collapse.

Forget about the next attempt on Obama The Ides of March + 11 (+-3) or 4/6 April - although it may be moved to 16 April. Operation Bite begins all over again.

Forget about the Russian Fleet headed toward a US fleet for a Stand Down.

Forget about Chicago Police going door to door threatening folks because they think they might commit a crime --- "Minority Report."


How are you going to react to these bad things coming?

How are YOU going to function when you are pressed down and stomped on?

How are you going to prepare, and deal with, massive layoffs?

For Example: My computer bit the dust so I redid a 10 year old computer to do this story. OK - lots of problems with my wife's old XP - but it worked.

GOD put YOU here to learn and react at this very point in time to deal with these issues.

Yea - sometimes life sucks - but how are YOU going to personally deal with it?

Are you going to stand up like Men and Women and use your own name, dig up relevant stories, and stand out for GOD or are you going to hide behind false names and print other's stories.

GOD knows who HIS children are and HE will protect them.

When I wake up dead my mission on Earth is over. Until then I stand up for GOD like a MAN - not a mouse.

APFN - thank you so much for allowing your Web Site for helping stop so much of what is coming.


You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

This message was directly from the boss above - it is about YOU. You are important to GOD.

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