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Sunday, March 22, 2015

We May Be Hours Away From Nuclear War

Folks - we may be hours away form a Nuclear War. The Rothchild's Elites are under orders to get this started by 3 April 2015.

(((Please pray that those who are trying to start this war become so violently sick they can neither talk nor speak for the rest of their lives)))

As you recall - Eight years ago the First Special Forces Senior Enlisted came forward to tell me htey were being deployed to kill President Bush on 4 April and Nuke Salt Lake City 6 April and start a Nuclear World War.

This was, of course, all stopped thanks to some courageous US Marshals and one president of a nation that had not finished forming.

For stopping this war the FBI has pulled everything I have owned, and the CIA, US Marshals, Secret Service and FBI have cussed me out and had their play toys (Local Cops) arrest me for 45 minutes.

Now it has been 8 years - and as GOD said: If they do not repay you every dime they stole pressed down and over flowing HE will take away their money - 8 years is GOD's Time of Completion and time for a New Beginning.

History repeats itself: Kill Obama on the third, nuke 12 US Cities, and declare Nuclear War on every one. I will not name these 12 cities - they are the same over and over again. read my past reports and you will know.

The WAR has begun in Finland between the US and Russia and all the press remains completely silent. Not even Alex Jones, a Lockheed Martin (Skunk Works Production) Employee, is talking about it.

We are now getting unconfirmed reports that there is now a shooting war between the US and Russia and that the Dead American Bodies are mounting. In addition, the US lost 4 jets 48 hour ago in the Northern area of Norway - shot down by Russia.

Further - the US Nuclear Submarines are now deploying as our Nations Nuclear Air Craft are being loaded.

Pray America, pray that those on top surrender rather than die - Hell is forever.

Consider this Elite and Fascist Kleptocratic Government of the US Corporation: What does the underground city complex need with Bankstas, Politicians, and Intel Agents once the surface population is destroyed?

They will kill all Congressman and Intel Agents once you go underground. Your life span is about 48 hours.

Turkey just left Yemen 185 million pounds of weapons for the Muslims in this nation - and so you think they will use it to farm with or kill each other with?

Operation Devolution: Complete underground cities running after the above ground Earth is a waste land.

Consider this: In 1950 Oppenheimer designed a weapons to crack the Earth in half - Over 65 years ago - so the US Build over 145 of them.

Elite of the world: I know where you are going if you destroy the planet - and I know where I am going.

Do you think maybe you need to stand down and do as GOD asked you to do?


The Bankers Want World War III, Officials in the United Nations Want You Dead, The Elite AreGoing Into Hiding Because World War III Has Finally Begun

Just Hours Away From Nuclear War, America Remains Asleep


Dr William B. Mount

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