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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thank You Readers For Your Prayers

I would personally like to thank you for your prayers for America today.

If you read both Benjamin Fulford and Sorcha you will realize how late it really is.

When that nuke went off in the Eastern Ukraine on 8 February it was a game changer. In the past teh Intel Agencies have been rounding up the rogue nukes or the carriers have turned themselves in when tey realized the severity of what they were assigned to do.

When Senator Nelson of South Carolina screamed about missing nukes not too long ago, for example, the 30 missing nukes were intercepted and detonated leaving only a 4.5 Earthquake in Charleston, not a devastating  Sunami across the entire Eastern Sea Board as was planned.

The Nuke DC NCIS reported in their news letter seizing ion 21 September near the White House was real as well- we told them about it in June. So was the one............Maybe I should shut up and let one go off in DC?

Perhaps you did not know but if a Nuke goes off in London, DC, or Denver a series of events occurs that causes the United States Corporation to launch about 60,000 Nukes. Just our submarine fleet alone - 200 Subs times about 200 nukes per submarine Average - that's about 40,000 40 KT nukes. It is called Mutually Assured Destruction - MAD.

If a Nuke goes off in Jerusalem then about 2,500 US made Nukes are launched at places as far away as Beijing and the Earth ceases to exist. IE: Adama, Marduk, and to an extent Mars.

Today we dodged a Bullet. What was planned all across America was an Internet Take and a Bank Take Down - causing mass confusion and the death of Millions of Americans.

I would like top thank each and every one who prayed that those wishing to destroy Humans and the Planet Earth become so violently sick they can no longer function for life.

There  is, of course, the matter of Bio Weapons being intentionally released from US Weapons Labs, the occasional Rogue Nuke and the  US CIA Terrorists Attacks  such as the one of Putin's Opposition leader in Moscow that happened a few days ago to over throw Putin - but that is pale in comparison with the Nuke diverted form DC on 17 February.

Do you want to know where they live President Putin?

I want something too - your help - but I do not see that any time soon. Who knows who they will target next------I do. They are an easy group to read.

By the way - this CIA Headquarters in NW Nevada Underground sent the shooter to make Putin's Life a living hell. He has a team of 4 living in Moscow and the US Embassy there has given him unlimited access to Rubles. The guy helping him form the Embassy is one cocky fat dude who thinks his own Poop doesn't stink. A typical Diplomat. Arrogant.

We shall see if the Russian. Chinese or Red Dragon Leadership is as Arrogantly Ignorant as the Rothchilds and continue to do as they see fit rather than as GOD has asked them to do - time will tell. If they do not do as GOD has already directed them to do then they will be unable to stop what is coming and all will be lost anyway.


By the way - that Nuke is sitting near the Odd Colored Water Tower near Beijing. It is a very old nuke and has a huge radiation signature. It should be very easy to spot but the guy who brought it there is completely mad - Demon Possessed. Be careful. He currently is wearing a Blue Top - and it is cold there.

TMI - if you want more info call - but you will not. So - worry allot Chinese Government.

Again - thank you for your prayers.

Now - 3 April - the designated time to start WW3 - on the Birth Day Of Yehsua (Jesus).  The US is so desperate to keep the empire going they raised taxes on gas 1 March by 50 cents per gallon. A local gas station owner was telling me about it.

Is they do not raise Billions then either they will have to declare bankruptcy to the IMF or start a Nuclear War. They have no choice. 3 April seems to be some kind of deadline. We shall see.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

All spelling errors brought to you by US Army Cyber Command

Go ahead DOD - criticize me. This is what you are paid to do - but that was a real nuke that went off outside Charleston and in the Eastern Ukraine. Who knows for whom the Bell Tolls US Intel HQ,, it may toll  for you next.

Deadly bacteria leaked in Louisiana lab: Cause & spread unknown — RT USA


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