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Sunday, March 8, 2015

UN Broadcast 4/5 March 2015

Following is the summary of the Internal UN Broadcast during the Full Moon of Pisces in the year 2015. Their feeling significantly effects you lives, your livelihood, and your very nature here on this planet.

The Broadcast is done so as to unite participants in one group to sen out a unified signal to effect changed change on this planet in this Dimension (Harmonics).

The group reaches up into the higher harmonics to connect with the Asherons (Lucifer's Children) and then those who can receive from these beings guide the development of Humanity through these organizations like the UN, US Corporation, Etc.  The 451 +  participants of these broadcasts use "Group Fusion" to focus their minds like a laser beam to bring these Ahserons as close to this Dimension (Harmonics) as possible.

Pisces represents the time of the coming Christ.

It was in this period that the Christ was born about 2,000 Years Ago (3 April year 3) during the coming age of Pisces to show us the way for the next 2,000 years. In being born, coming to the material world form the heavens, he came down to open a door for us to go back up into the heavens and merge with them and then bring their will back to Earth.

We must work on THE PLAN and these higher beings will help us.

We continually wrestle with the desires of this world and realize that we are spiritual beings trapped in the Material World (3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics) to learn and grow and after thousands of life times we will then go back to the Higher Harmonics form whence we came.

This illusion of Material in this artificial world is here only to allow us to grow and learn the lessons of hardship and how to live here on Earth but have a mind in the Heavens and it is through pain and suffering on this plane of existence that we learn to overcome challenges and grow strong in spirit.

The two fish in the symbol of Pisces (Actual symbol of the Holy Russian Empire) represents the dichotomy of the Material Desires pitted against the spiritual desires. In the beginning the soul is attracted to the material desires but as the soul reincarnates time and time again we eventually loose our desires for the material world and strive to achieve unity with the Higher Plains and serve our masters the Asherons to carry out THE PLAN.

The Plan is basically a move to total anarchy to bring about the coming age of Aquarious and the Rule by Lucifer and his Asherons as we yield ourselves to this leader.

In yielding ourselves to these beings we mount our own cross and then move back into the heavens and take our place as our own Ascended Masters, Saviors of this planet.

Unitl we yield ourselves to Sanat Kumara and the Great Asherons  and his spirits then the Great Sanat Kumara (Lucifer?) will be trapped in his reality and never able to move forward. It is our yielding to him that will free both Humanity and Lucifer from the bounds we find ourselves in today.

We must learn to yield our lives and our spirits to these higher beings - the Asherons. It is in our yielding that we will create this New Savior to lead us into this Age of Aquarious.

Keep in mind that the last time we had the Coming Age of Aquarious some 26,000 years ago Lemuria was utterly destroyed in what most believe was a catastrophic Earth Movement.

Whether you agree with these philosophies or not is immaterial - this is how your planetary leaders feel and this is what they believe in.
On a personal Note: I wish to thank those in the Lucis Trust for allowing me to participate in these broadcasts. I have learned allot as I am sure the readers have.

The quality of both broadcasts was spectacular.

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Dr William B. Mount



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