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Monday, March 16, 2015

Red Dragon Family Closes HSBC Vaults To Access Damages

The financial system is in a mess. The holder of the World Currency has allowed their system to run amuck.

Several months ago the Red Dragon Family took marginal control of the IMF and is now involved in assessing the damages and how to fix the system.

So how does a World GDP of around $85 Trillion Dollars end up with hundreds of trillions of dollars of worthless Derivatitve Funds, all sold illegally, and what is a derivative anyway?

A Deriviative is a paper bond that is valued at it's underlying value. For example: A building worth $10 may have a debt on it for $10 and this debt note may be ten shares at $1 a piece, or 5 shares at $2 a piece, etc.

Now here is where it gets tricky: One share of the building worth $1 may be bundled with a share from a bond, and a share form gold, etc - bundled and sold as Derivaties into HEDGE FUNDS.

A Hedge Fund is where a group of investors buy stuff together - a mutual fund.

So what happened and why did the IMF close HSBC Gold Vaults?


Take a Derivative fund worth - oh - $5 Trillion. It may be filled with:

1) Gold Funds.

     a) Under Nixon there was a 1/1 ration for gold to gold bonds.
     b) Under reagan/Bush this was a 9/1 Ratio
     c) Under Clinton - there was a 100/1 Ratio
     d) Under Obama the gold vanished.

So what this means is there is no 100/1 ratio on Gold Bond Certificates to gold, there is no gold making this part of the Fund worthless.

Even if there was some gold left these funds were sold with a gold value at $2,000 per ounce.

2) Home loans were sold at their Face Value. So, for example, a $300,000 mortgage was placed into the fund with a value of $300,000. Well - what if you owe $300,000 -  it was sold as a $300,000 value.

Worse  - if the home is now worth $150,000 and you will owe $300,000 the fund is upside down - bankrupt.

3) Take some California School bonds - they have announced they will no longer pay on these binds until the year 2054 - no more interest for 40 years so you sit on paper devaluing at 6-8% every year - worthless bonds.  They never intended to pay them off, they issued them illegally. Yes they should go to jail forever - but they will not and this part of the derivative is loosing 8% every year.

4) Shares form our National Forests, National Parks, Etc were also added into these derivatives and since you cannot sell timber form these areas the underlying value of most of these derivatives is $0, yet they were valued in the $ Trillions.

In other words - the Derivatives invested into by the Hedge Funds - most have a value of nothing, zero, ziltch - pure nothingness, worthless paper.

So the Red Dragon Family is assessing the damage to the world markets.

Add to this that the investments in the US Stock Markets do not match the payouts of the stock - most stocks on the NY and Chicago Stock Exchanges are about 60-90% over valued.

For example: If a US Treasury Bond pays out 4% a year then a stock should do as well.

If you invest $1 in a US Treasury bill at 4% you should get back $104 at the end of the year, right?

If you invest say $100 in Boeing Stock you should be worth $104 at the end of the year - right?

If your payout is only $1 then the stock needs to go down in value by 75% so that then you invest $100 you get $104 at the end of the year.

Such is the state of the entire US Stock Market System. It needs a 75% reduction in value at this time. So a 16,000 DOW should correct out to $4000, right?

So before the market corrects itself and before the lid is blown off of this Derivative Market illegally purchased bu Hedge Fund Managers - the damage needs to be assessed and steps need to be taken to limit damage as the system is corrected.

Now you know why the HSBC vaults are closed.

About 10,000  Bankstas run the worlds financial system. Out of that number about 1,000 Bankstas are dead and it appears another 1,200 may die very soon. The rest have made deals directly with the Red Dragon Family and their lives may be spared. We shall see.

As for the 8,000+ that have made deals they have agreed to let the IMF close most of their accounts and zero them out - this is why the Swiss Banks are denying access to large accounts. The Swiss Bankstas  must first identify which accounts will be left open and which are to be closed. No mistakes allowed.

Expect some Banking Glitches towards the end of the month as things begin to change.

If the Dragon Families do as GOD asked them then things will go smoothly. If not - it will be a very long year.

Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat and Communications for 3 months.
The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

All spelling errors brought to you by US Army Cyber Command.

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