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Friday, March 6, 2015

US Corporate False Flag: Measles Outbreak

The US Corporation is at it again - trying to scare America into taking Mandatory Vaccinations.

(Please Pray (Visualize) at those involved in the Vaccination Programs become violently sick while on Planet Earth.)

So here are the real facts about the Measles:

1) CDC Reports that no one has died in the US of Measles in the last 12 years

2) During the last 12 years 2,000 children havce been completely disabled as a result of the Measles Vaccinations according to the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System.

3) Child Mortality due to measles is 200-400 times greater in malnourished children than those eating a good diet.

4) Measles is now a disease of the Vaccinated.

When you are vaccinated you receive a Live Virus - Live. You are purposely given Live Measle Viruses, Mercury, Monkey DNA and all sorts of other things your body hates.

Over 98% of all Measles cases were from children vaccinated with Measles.

In China a special area was given mandatory 99% vaccination rates. In this area there are constant Measle Outbreaks. Remember - these vaccinations are meant to destroy.

Vitamin A and C stop the measles from multiplying in the body.

So the next time the SU Corporation true is to vaccinate you  remember - they are a Private Corporation here to kill and as an American you can say NO.
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Dr William B. Mount

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