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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Putin Ain't Dead

President Putin is not dead, but he is not on the surface of this planet either.

As you recall, about a week ago President Putin was giving a speech when he got hit with a type of Microwave Heart Attack Weapon. He began to slur his speech and then left.

The technology we have can return him to full health within 72 hours but I do not see anyone pounding on my door for help so they apparently have this technology as well.

We also have the technology to prevent this from ever happening again to him.

He was warned right here - but apparently he felt well protected - oops.

So what do we know:

1) Eight years ago in October an ambassador came back from Russia and was arrested in Pierce County and had his property stolen. This initiated a war between the US vs China and Russia and the US Market had the rug pulled out of it. The Price of Oil went to $200/BBL and the US Stock Market hit tie skids.

As you may recall- President Bush took an emergency trip to Saudi Arabia and begged them not to raise the price of oil.

As you may know - the US Corporation get the Saudi Oil for FREE and in returns protects the Saudi Royal Family.

Its called "Oil For Freedom."

Two week  s later the BRIC Nations were formed.

The 5 Pierce County Cops that did this are all now dead. They were warned: Do Not Arrest Ambassadors.

2) The US started the Ukraine War way back about 15 months ago to get something - but what?

3) Shortly after the US Began killing people in all directions in the Ukraine a huge, one mile long Cigar Shaped UFO began buzzing around the Eastern Ukraine - over the "Coal Mining Sites."

3) Fast forward to 8 Feb 2015 - a Nuke was detonated in the Eastern Ukraine.

4) A Peace treaty was signed and the area that was shelled was outside the Peace Treaty Area. Over 150 US Special Forces Troops and 500 US Marines were slaughtered thank to President Obama abandoning them. Obama Murdered 650 US Troops - MURDERED.


To mine a particular mineral that is extremely valuable.
 Obama traded 650 Marines and US Special Forces for Money.

This mineral that forms in these Coal Deposits are useful in inter-harmonics traveling.

5) Two days ago on Egland AF Base a 50 A UH 50 Helicopter was vaporized using a Particle Beam Weapon and the sky turned white. The Bodies vaporized. On the Copter were 7 marines who were involved in the mining of this mineral.

Sound familiar - the Same Air Force Base that was ordered to back off just before an Oil Well was destroyed in the gulf by a North Korean Mini-sub?

A Test Firing Range for the Air Force High Tech Weapons?

Then suddenly bodies washed up on shore - but these were naked bodies of Dead Soldiers who dies in the Eastern Ukraine - and the sharks would not touch them?

If you did not know this - the Dead Bodies being brought back dead form overseas - the coffins contain drugs and guns - not Human Bodies. Sorry to burst your bubbles. The Honor Guards salute Coffins of Drugs and Guns.

Yea - a few have dead bodies in them - but only a Very Few they open to show the reporters. The Vast majority are filled with Drugs and Guns.

6) Then Putin's Opposition Leader is shot and killed in Moscow?

7) Now Putin is shot with a US Made Weapon and is now off the surface of the planet for 7 days?

8) Russian Embassy Staff is now leaving London as you read this?

9) There are large trucks building something in Moscow's Red Square - bot no one knows what it is?

10) I received a telephone call this morning that flattened me.

My source - which seems to never be wrong - be it GOD or whoever - is very upset at the US Intel People at this moment. He is also very upset with the Russian and Chinese Leaderships. What exactly HE will do I cannot say - but HE is about top lower the boom in a very heavy handed fashion. So HE has said ti, so it shall be.

11) We also know that there is a shooter ready to kill an Obama Double in 2 days and the ROthchilds ar DEMANDING a full scale Nuclear War by 3 April 2015.

12) The Sun is going absolutely Insane - GOD will not stop with the Sun. He may just let it go Super Nova - not kidding. Man has been contained to Planet Earth and HE may just obliterate us.  The call really pissed off the Living GOD.

So let us pray - Visualize - that Putin makes a speech about peace, lover and brotherhood. He may just bow out and leave - claiming he is dead.

Kremlin: Huge Announcement Coming – Russian Embassy Personnel In London Depart – Unmarked White Trucks Flood Moscow’s Red Square – Mysterious Construction – Putin Death Rumors Go Viral Across World |

Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Glides Over Ukraine City [VIDEO]


And No - I will not tell you where Putin is.
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Dr William B. Mount

The Sun Today:

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