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Thursday, March 19, 2015

We Have Reached Critical Mass - Pray

We have reached critical mass - please Pray - Visualize - those who want war are completely immobilized for life immediately.

Several months ago we talked about the Drop Dead Date for a full scale Nuclear War was 3 April 2015, eight years after the FBI stole every thing I owned be cause I stopped the Nuclear War with Iran, IE: The Full Scale Nuclear War.

These people in the FBI and CIA are perverted War Mongers and apparently are now demanding this Nuclear War and have been for 8 years. They are desperate.

The Russians found out I was telling the truth and  that PM Cameron of England was planning a Pre-Emptive strike on Moscow in 4 days so Russia went on High Alert.

Several things are precipitating this as well:

1) US Debt Sealing was reached 2 days ago yet there is no slowing down of US Corporate Spending.

2) The US could not pay their gold debt to C\hina

3) HSBC Wayerhouses have NO gold, so hte hundreds of millions of dollars of Gold Certificates they sold are backed worth nothing.

4) NATO Troops entered Ukraine today.

5) China just took over the Gold Pricing in hte west and Gold prices went down - the Rothchilds will not let go.

6) Top US Commander at Tinker Air Force Base refused to deploy for a Nuclear War on the 15th and was fired on the 18th - it took the Obama Administration 72 hours to gain control of the Nuclear Forces and One Paper Clip dropped into the Main Frame at Tinker would shut down all Nuclear Forces - so would a Directed Nuclear Pulse.

7) Finally: The Feds have announced they will raise Interest Rates soon --- QE to infinity is falling flat on it's face.

8) Every one realizes now that the Derivatives are filled worth huge amouts of Toxic Assets - investments sold by US Corporations that are absolutely worthless.

Please Pray:

We Have Reached Critical Mass - Help - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

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  1. Dr. Mount, perhaps some good news? Veterans Today (China bank/Bricks/Khazarian Mafia: