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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

VA Doctors Murder Another Nam Vet

Notice the word Murder was used, not killed. The VA doctors purposely murdered this veteran.

I met this veteran when he was 62 years old and he was a fellow Civil War Re-enactor. We will name him Don. Don was a mixed race as well, part this, part that.

In Vietnam Don was in the infantry. After Nam Don never really fit back into society. He never did understand why he was sent there to kill, just to kill. There seemed to be no reason for it. HE left the military with an honorable discharge. When he left the service his teeth had been damaged as a result of the war but both the Army and VA refused to fix his teeth.

Don worked here and there and never seemed to hold a job very long but at 62 he owned his own place and received about $700 in Social Security to live on.

Don went to the VA and filed for Veteran's Pension, the VA lost it. He refiled - they lost it again. He refiled and again they lost it. When hI met him he was so bummed out he refused to go back to the Incompetent Boobs at the VA - "they hate Veterans" he would say to me.

Do had bad teeth thanks to the military and the VA.

Don was happy and despite his lack of income owned his own house and land - a tremendous feat in today's world, right?

At 65 Don had a horrible Tooth Ache - remember - Combat Vet, teeth screwed up in hte militayr - the VA sent him home with Aspirine.

Do went in again with a horrible tooth ache and asked the VA to pull his infected teeth. They again sent him home with a small bottle of Aspirine.

Again Don went to the  Tacoma Veterans Hospital and by this time the infection had spread into his head and he was dizzy. Again the VA refused to pull his teeth or send him to the Medicaid Office which would have given him free dental care and pulled his teeth on the spot.

The VA sent him to a Hospital Bed and there he lay for 10 days and died from an infection form an infected tooth.

The Doctors refused to pull his teeth tho drain the infection in his head.

The Seattle VA Doctors refused to to fix his teeth or send him to a free dental clinic.

They drugged him up and tested several pain killers on him and there he died - alone and in horrible pain.

I found out about it several months after he died by a person who sat with him for days.

The body was burned and no honors were given to this Vietnam Veteran.

The doctors at the VA Hospital in Tacoma and Seattle literally conducted Murder.

Red Dragons - When the Economic Reset Occurs these doctors need to be prosecuted for First Degree Murder, do you understand?

By the way - the US Navy just made 30 sailors who are filing a law suit because they got sick on the Flight Deck of the Air Craft Carrier Ronald Reagan following Fukushima. They vanished, their records vanished - they simply were killed, murdered by the Admiral in charge of the Naval Medical Department. He needs to go on trial for murder as well. That would be Rear Admiral Gintzig I believe, but you need to confirm this. He is a murderer.

COVER-UP: US Navy sailors disappear as government, doctors bury truth about Fukushima radiation -

The News You Need

Ambassador William B. Mount

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