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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

US Carrier Disabled By Russian Submarine

WE are currently checking out a story stating that the US Carrier Roosevely (CVA 71) was disabled by the Russian Navy.

During Wargames the Carrier and most of her fleet, wer "Knocked Out Of action" by a French Submarine during Wargames on 15 March.

Apparently she headed with her Fleet up into the Baltic Sea sn the Russians told her to stay back, she ignored them, and was disabled.

What makes this story so believable is the Pain Stream Press states clearly that the Carrier was too big for the docks at Portsmith England.

When you look at the the port you can clearly see a Carrier docked there and 4 escort ships each about 300 feet long on the other side of the dock. In other words 0 the Main Stream Press was lying about why she entered the port.

So not only are we getting reports of Dead US Infantry, 4 US jets shot down but now a Carrier Group.

A Submariner calls a Carrier a Target - so all these years the United States has been building machines that can be easily destroyed by Submarines and their only purpose is to bomb nations out of existence from the sea.

Consider This: Why would ALL the main stream press lie about the Carrier being too big to be docked unless they were hiding something?

You make up you own mind when you read these stories.

<center><font color="black">GENERAL FORUM: U.S.S.Theodore Roosevelt Too Big To Dock in English Port

U.S. Aircraft Carrier and Part of its Escort “Sunk” by French Submarine During Drills Off Florida


Terrified US Aircraft Carrier Flees From Russian Subs To UK Safety

May I highly suggest US White House Personnel and Congressional Personnel that you reconsider what GOD has asked you to do. In a war - you will be the First Casualties. You are hated by the BRIC nations and of no need to those who live in the cities below you feet. This includes you FBI and CIA.

One little Submarine destroyed knocked out a Carrier Group.

US Corporation: That may be YOUR last warning.

You know my number.

Look up - my help comes from above.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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  1. There are two kinds of ships. Submarines and targets. Russia is emboldened by the weakness of the president. Obama is a gay Muslim communist who does what he is told to do. He can not make any decisions on his own.