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Monday, March 30, 2015

Flight 9525 - Dead Men Tell No Tales

In Intelligence you paint a picture to describe what is happening in the real world. The ability to pull real information out of Thin Air is rare and one I enjoy today - but most analysts must pool data and look at the entire picture before they can draw any conclusions.

(Please Pray - Visualize - that those at the top who are ordering Planet Earth destroyed are immediately and completely disabled)

When Flight 9525 was shot down I instantly knew why - to stop a CIA Paid Whistle Blower - no big story there - but let us paint a picture and YOU decide:

1) Flight 9525 has an In Cockpit Camera and when the plane went down the pilot was in the cockpit with the Co-Pilot.

2) The Pilot has a key to the Cockpit Door, thus is is unable to lock the Pilot out of his own cockpit.

3) The Debris Field indicates the plane exploded in mid-air and that it came down in tiny shards of Aluminum and cooked Human Body Parts.

4) The Airliner that owns the plane stated openly that they had complete control of the plane 24/7 and no one could crash it into the ground.

5) The Wall Street Journal - CIA Brain Washing Central - stated a mad man brought down the plane as "Damage Control."

6) Yvonne Silke (American) was on board the plane and she worked for a CIA contractor in the Pentagon at the Defense Mapping agency - Codeword: Intelligence.

7) The CIA Contractor she was wroking for was "Booz Allen Hamilton."

8) Yvonne's Job was to predict Ocean Health in the future: Codeword: Set up hits.

9) Yvonne was with her daughter - a recent college grad who was kind of goofy and altruistic - she wanted to tell the truth about what was going on.

10) At age 50 people develop a Conscience - Con-Science. Thus she would have likely agreed with her daughter and was more than likely going to come out and expose what the Pentagon was doing - obliterating the World's Population with diseases like Morgellons.

11) In order to work for an Intel Agency at this level she was prepped - beaten and raped ans a child, murdered someone by age 12, the whole ball of wax.

12) Most Intel Agents realize that they do not wish to pass this kind of Crap onto their Grand Children and she was more than likely concerned about that. The only thing to do was to go public.

13) The US Corporation was conducting War Trials and had this plane re-directed into the War Gaming Zone.

14) The Flight Recorder magically appeared before the French even got to the wreckage by helicopter - so the released recording was a Fake.

15) Since Yvonne worked for a "CIA Contract Murder Agency" this means her husband did as well. This explains why he was so cool and collected after he lost his wife and daughter.

16) Every News Agency around the world printed the Cover Story about the pilot being insane - word for word. They lied in the US, Canada, Russia, China, all over the world. This means "COVER - UP."

Hey - all nations have a Murder Agency, the CIA  happens to be owned by the English Crown - who's holdings are managed by the Rothchilds, who answer to the Frankfurt Banks, who answer to the Pope (Vatican Handlers - Lucifer's Finest Evil)/

Paint the picture - put the puzzle together.

I knew how, and why, the plane was shot down the minute I learned about it and I knew exactly who did it.

Here it is 7 days later and you can finally paint a picture.


Guess Work?

- Yeah -

Just like all the Nukes we have stopped - Charleston, the White House, and the ones we did not like in the Ukraine.

So there you have it - Intel vs GOD.

GOD is faster and more accurate.

Dead Men - or Women - Tell No Tales
The Truth Is Out There - You Just Have To Ask GOD.

Dr William B. Mount

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