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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Cure For Tree Disease

What you are about to see is the elimination of Tree Diseases for about $1-$2 per acre per month.

Since around 1970 I have been working on a product that eliminated Tree Diseases.

My Masters Degree from Homboldt State University was published in 1991 and in the book the First Tree Disease was developed for Black Stain Root Disease - a type of Tree Virus.

Here is what used happen naturally in the Forests of most the Western US, Australia, China, etc:

Every 7-10 years a fire would travel through the forest - never very big because there was only 7- years of brush. The rotted portions of the trees would burn out and the wood smoke would actually prevent tree disease like Fmes Anosus from actually sprouting. These Old Growth Forests were disease free and animal free.

Lewis and Clark write about not being able to find went though animals to eat in these Old Growth Forests.

The ashes after the fire would then wash in to the dirt and provide minerals for the trees to live on.

If you camp you know that if you mix Wood Ash with Grease you get a rudimentary soap,. This is what would then happen:

1) The Wood Ash, washing into the soil, would mix with the soil from the leaves and form a rudimentary Surfactant. The Surfactant woudl then increase Cation Exchange Capacity in the soil by binding with the soils and washing the excess oils away.

2) The Surfactant would increase the depth at which the Oxygen can go and rooting depths would increase, thus stabilizing the tree in in a greater capacity.

3) The Surfactanst makes water wetter and thus improves Micro Rhiza in the soil, thus increasing Nutrient Intake of the tree.

4) The Surfactant would make water wetter, improving Water Uptake in dyer areas.

5) The Surfactant would increase water tension in the tree and force diseases to be contained by increased turbidity and literally wash the diseases out of the Needle Tips.

6) Leaves, and Needles, and fruit grew a very heavy waxy coating  and when the bugs came to eat them all htey got was a big helping of wax and they died.

7) Bark Beetles - specifically Dendrotonus Valens - that attacked the trees because of the increases water uptake and Terbidity the holes the beetles created would fill sap and the beetles would die with no subsequent disease infection.

8) Further - treated trees would be avoided by these beetles as they flew to other trees.

After testing this around the nation we found Fruit Tree Disease simply went away, wheat and corn production went up by 30% without using fertilizers and pesticides, lawn recovered without thatching in weeks.

This is now same thing we use in Humans to eliminate all diseases like Cancer, Heart disease, MS, CP, Brain Injury, etc. We use Immusist and Sea Weed. We could have cured Steven Hawking.

Further More Tree Production in stagnant trees went form 16 rings per inch to 5 rings per inch in Apple and Pear and from about 32 rings per inch to 2 rings per inch in Douglas Fir Trees. That is a growth from 1 inch per 8 years vs 1 inch every year, and the wood remained very strong - it did not loose its strength due to this increased growth.

That was an 800% Increase in timber production in our test for $1/Ac/Mo.

If you want a job in Forestry - share this with your local timber company.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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