Thursday, July 26, 2018

When Will the Deep State Do The EVENT?


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The Points of view, and purpose of this video, is not to bully or harass anyone, but rather share those opinions and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about these subjects.
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The Deep State - those who follow and worship Lucifer - have been trying to create this “EVENT” now since September 2006 - the Complete destruction of the Human Race.

They feel almost obligated to do this - that they are Harbingers of THE PLAN as set forth by Sunat Kumara and his Devas from Ahsera.

In this way these Lucifarians will be following THE PLAN as set forth by those who follow Lucifer, or Sunat Kumara, who lives in an Astral Planes city just over Central Mongolia.

To this end they have poisoned our water, our air, our food and our plants and are taking out our Ozone with Chemtrails while defoliating our plants, drying out areas, and causing mass fires across Planet Earth.

They are further not only spraying us with Retroviruses but feeding us food that suppresses our natural abilities in our DNA.

We are becoming - Stupid and Inactive.

As for the fires thye are now creating - Yesterday - Yosemite National Park was evacuated due to fires.

Over the last week fires have raged across Greece, Siberia and Northern Canada and are about to be lit across the world - including the United States - by members of the US Department of Defense and the UN.

Once again the United Nations is claiming it is almost broke (Like they have now done for 4 years) and demanding more money from it’s member nations so it can create more fires, plagues, and more GMO foods.

Within  a few days massive fires will also be lit in Australia, Africa and across the Asian Contenant as the Deep State uses tools to prevent gentle rains across the Globe - especially in the Northern Siberian Regions, Southern California and Southern Europe.

As normal fire clouds draw air up and create a Cool Air Blast form the oceans  these “Cool Air Blasts” are now being blocked with weather machines now centralized on the 7th Underground Floor of the CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia and duplicated under Denver.


The Gnostics believe that there will be a Massive World Conflict that will leave around 5% of the world alive, and out of that around 4 Million Humans will survive and that by the year 2800 we will have a desert planet where we have a One World Government and we are completely powered by Nuclear Energy.

The Timing of the Event must be before the year 2025 when the Vail between the physical Plane and the Astral Plane is torn down.

The problem is this:

1) All of the 4th Root Race must die. To this end they have continually produced the “Brown Eyed Plague” that has been stopped so many times in the past

The “Moon Skinned People” - those who are the most advanced in the 5th Root Race - could gather together and use their natural abilities to stop this plan from progressing.

Thus the Powers that be must now  intermix the races and kill the White Race.

If the White Race gathered together in Prayer today we could stop this insanity immediately.

So the “Event” that signals the destruction of the Human Race must occur very, very soon.

IE- UN Agenda 21 - the Complete Elimination of Humanity by the year 2021 and the integration of the 6th Root Race by the year 2800.

Keep in mind that the Top Secret Space Program has around 5 Million people in it and they are all Moon Skinned people and they intend to guide the New 6th Root Race to take over Planet Earth.

In comes President Trump - who is not on board with these World Leaders.

President Trump’s Desire is to unite Planet Earth and stop it’s destruction by these World Leaders.

Unfortunately - he is not doing it according to the Living GOD but in his own power and he is running into some real snags - such as:

1) President Putin has just postponed his visit to the White House for at least 6 months.

2) Further - Home sales are falling horribly as our American Economy is dumping hard.

3) The Commander of CENTCOM, General Joseph Votel, is not obeying his order to abandon Syrian with all US Forces.

In fact - General Votel has evacuated the ISIS White Helmets to Israel and they are being sent to Germany, Canada and Britain where they can begin their Reign of Terror across these nations.

On the other hand - President Trump has jus recently:

1) Convince the North Koreans to dismantle their Nuclear Program.

2) Convinced the European Union to either accept the Tariffs or drop their subsidies of the industries competing in America.

3) Is currently working with President Putin to block the Northern Sea Rout across Siberia to those in South East Asia - thus allowing revenue to go to Egypt as shipping traffic now must go thorough the Suez Canal.

4) Working with the New Mexican President - Congress just gave President Trump $10 Billion to complete the Mexican/US Boarder Wall.

This is what Humanity is up against.

Ether our prayers are heard or they are not.

Either you are prepared for what is coming or you are not.

If the destruction  of Humanity is pre-ordained then all we dois of naught.

If, on the other hand as the Bible says en almost every book, if we pray and God saves us then Lucifer is a liar and it was all worth while. - wasn’t it?

Although we know that those who come against President Trump will be pushed aside like the Chaff in the wind - we still pray for his safety.

AS FOR 17’

There is something about sacrifices on the 17th the Lucifarians Love.

Flight 370 was repainted Flight 17, loaded with Dead Bodies, and shot down over the Ukraine a few years ago.

On the 17th (+-3 Days) of December there will be an all out attempt to start a Full Scale Nuclear Conflict and this is being conducted by men who live a few miles North, and a bit West, of Zug Switzerland in a small castle that has an extensive underground complex.

The weapons will be placed in 6 cities, and be proceeded by a small Nuclear Blast in Central London orchestrated by Teresa May near the Queen‘s Palace - So Scotland Yard - Get It Together - at least she is involved:

1) Moscow - not sure where and this may be. A few weeks earlier there will be another Attempt on Putin during a Speech by one of his most trusted “Buddies” - just like last time when we saw him double over during a speech couple years ago.

2) Paris - not sure where, don’t care.

3) DC - Again - North and East several blocks.

4) Chicago - Several blocks NE of the main Mercantile.

5) New York City - NE Corner of Central Park. I see a lake.

6) Near San Francisco - and this one will be fairly large and shielded. We have already discussed this one.


There is a Great Judgment coming on America - the World Really - where those who have been lying and cheating will be routed out and whether their national leaders contain them or let them go free will determining not only their fate but the fates of these individual nations.

Pray once again that President Trump does as GOD directs him - not as he pleases.


Please pray for President Trump’s And Vice President Pence’s Safety and for Mad Dog Mattis Safety right about now. 

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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(607) The Trump Prophecy: Leaders Compilation - YouTube

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