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US Tells World - Free Ride Is Over


Us Telling World: No More Free Dollars - YouTube


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For years after the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed in 1944 the US, as the last untouched major world economy, was supposed to spread the Dollar world wide to stabilize the world’s economy.

Our Government Economists would come on TV and say things like: We traded a $100 bill for a Case of French of wine. We got the wine- they got the Us Dollars and this was good for the world.

Foreign Governments were paid $Trillions to set up factories across the planet to out compete the US as OUR TAXES were poured into nations like Japan, Germany, China, France and Italy.

Up until recently all Rice grown ion California was still being shipped to China and paid for by OUR TAXES as part of the World War 2 rebuilding effort.

Over the last several decades we have read how well the German Economy has been doing - just as long as the US pays them $Trillions of Dollars a year under the Old Marshal Plan - that was supposedly ended in 1960 but thanks to John Kerry #2 a few years ago it was still going on strong.

Well - Under President Trump - this is all coming to an end.

No longer will the US create $ Trillions of dollars a year to hand out to foreign governments and the idea of shipping thousands ot US Cargo Planes filled with pallets of US Hundred Dollars Bills across the globe to finance Terrorism is also coming to a quick end.

Along with that comes the ending of the Foreign Funding of the Democratic NAZI Party.

No free US dollars given away, no free US Dollars coming back to the NAZI Party run by the DNC.

What is most amazing is that President Trump is now working with - not against - foreign Trade Advisors worldwide to help stabilize the world’s economies so that as we turn back to a Gold Standard the world does not fall into a War Mode.

He is up against a mighty enemy and without GOD he will get stomped on so we pray he can defeat this enemy and lead us into a World of Peace and Prosperity without killing 7 Billion of us first.

So why is this so critical at this time?
Why now?

What you are about to hear will shock you.

Over a decade back the Pentagon put out a report that was Top Secret about exactly what we have been discussing regarding upcoming political and environmental changes.

As the World Government creates unsustainable debts, the Sun continues to enlarge and turn white hot, as we purposely kill our oceans and destroy our Ozone Layer things are going to get rough.

The report clearly shows the results:

1) Mass food shortages world wide.

2) Mass political instability as population growth outstrips food production and there will be large pockets where food will  not be shipped causing mass starvation and plagues.

3) As the US Media and Educational Systems dumb our population down and make them stupid and lazy, as the Vaccine Industry kills and maims millions yearly, combined with Poisons in our water and air, and Poisonous GMO Foods the US will become an ineffective nation and no longer abble to be the world’s Police.

4) Further exasperating the situation will be the fires caused by mass Die Offs of our Forests caused by defoliants in the Chemtrails funded through NASA.

5) As the Gulf of Mexico fills up with Crude Oil thanks to our US Coast Guard not enforcing US Laws and the last 2 President’s allowing oil companies in the Gulf  to drill and leave  their wells uncapped the Warm Water from the Gulf  (Know as the Gulf Stream) will no longer travel to Northern Europe in the Winter Time - causing extremely cold winters and regional flooding.

6) Further - Due to the proliferation of smaller US Nukes world Wide there will be regional Nuclear Wars thus completely devastating large parts of this planet.

7) Finally - as our Western Economies Collapse perhaps as many as a Billion refugees will be displaced from primarily Africa and Southern Asia as their ecological and political systems literally come apart.

In comes President Trump - who is apparently making an attempt to stabilize our world’s economies before this Hell On Earth begins next year.

Look around - we already have just in New York City - over 60,000 Homeless in shelters, another 30,000 living in the streets. Nationwide - it is estimated to be over 10 Million Homeless here in America.

So what happens when we can no longer afford to pay SSI  and 10 Million Americans loose their Supplemental Social Security and Food Stamps at around $850/month?

What happens when the Colleges loose Federal Funding for harboring Traders as Professors and all those College Students loose their Free Tuition?

What happens when 20 Million Women can no longer suck off the Welfare System and have more kids to get more money?

Allot of changes coming.

Thank You Noble Gold for helping us prepare.

Thanks you Denas Pain Relief Store for helping us cut our medical expenses

Thank You Get The Tea for helping save my life.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and despite the increased electronic interference in this area we will continue to help save the President’s Life just as long as we can.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


Gave: "Today The US Is Telling The World We Don't Want To Give You US Dollars Any More" | Zero Hedge

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

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