Monday, July 23, 2018

Deep State Igniting Methane Pockets Across The Globe



(546) Deep State Ignites Methane Pockets Across The Globe - YouTube


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The Points of view, and purpose of this video, is not to bully or harass anyone, but rather share those opinions and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about these subjects.

While we are all focused on silly investigations like The Russian Probe what the Elites are doing across the globe may spell the doom for Humanity over the next 5 years.

For the last 50 years the Elites, using primarily US Commercial and Military Jet Liners, has been spraying our upper atmosphere with chemicals such as Defoliants like Agent Orange and heavy metals like aluminum to kill the vegetation and stop the rain.

About 5 years ago we began reporting on fires across the US that were being started by either United Nations or US Departmento f Defense Employees.

Over the last 4 years these same nuts have been ordered to begin causing fires across Siberia and the Northern parts of Canada.


In order to ignite the methane Pockets across the Northern Tundra and kill off Humanity.

Currently the Earth’s atmosphere holds around 500 Giga Tons of carbon while the Arctic holds about 1,500 Gigatons of Carbon in the methane.

If these people in the Deep State are successful then within a few years Humanity will be doomed no matter what we do.
The combined release of excess carbons with the combustion of Oxygen and Methane will result in an atmosphere that we cannot survive in.

Over the last few days the Sun was completely darkened across central Sibeia and fires were set across the tundra that is now causing over 10 Million people to pray for help.

If you look at the Fires frm an aerial photo you will be stunned.

Further - one pocket in the arctic that is currently being drilled into by the elites holds an estimated 50 Gigatons of carbon and if ignited - this may spell the doom for Humanity.

This would be a similar result of what killed off the Dinosaurs some 50 million years ago when a Meteor torched off a Fire Storm on planet Earth and wiped out the Dinosaurs.

…a) Forget about the FBI paying for the entire Russian Dossier and James Clapper - former head of the Defense National  Intelligence (DNI) ratting on the Obama administration.

…b) Forget about retired Admiral Michael Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency - DIA - leading the investigation against these Treasonous nutcases.

…c0 Forget about Nathan Larson being funded to run for Congress in Virginia as a Pro-NAZI, Pro Pedaphile candidate

…d) Forget about the fact that Hillary’s Head turned around 360 degrees at the last rally yesterday in Central Park - pretty Bizarre…

If we do not come together as a planet over the next few weeks even the Underground Bases will be destroyed.

These Demon Possessed Nutcases need to be contained immediately.

Keep in mind that there are about 140 Dooms Day Bombs now on planet Earth. One rogue nuke may cause this planet to detonate like a fire cracker and if humans are dying in the streets - someone will begin to throw these Nukes.


The New 5G Cell Towers are now hot enough to fry your brains and cause rashes across your body in about 15% of all Americans.

What is happening in China is about to happen here.

The US is about to embark on a project to put large metal plates all along the freeways to recharge Electric Cares using 2 GHTZ as a Frequency.

What this means is that your little Electric Car with a range of a mere 100 miles will be able to drive along the highway and be self charges.

What this also means is that if you drive your chances of Brain Cancer in your life time just multiplied to almost 100%.

This will not be like the Breast Cancer Scam where hale the women diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have their Breasts removed are FAKE cases of cancer.

Besides - we have already published the video THE CORE FOR BREAST CANCER - which covers ALL cancers.

This will be bonafide real brain cancer as your eyesight and memory are literally destroyed within a few years.

So - in a Deep State attempt to test out their attempt at Mass Murder the city of Zhenjiang China will be erecting the First Electric Superhighway with Autonomous Cars.

And UBER will now be testing a fleet of Self Driving Cars in Arizona.

If successful - all of these tests will lead to DARPA being able to tie the Human Brain into a Computer to help guide Lockheed martin’s “Starships” around our Solar System.

All funded by the Stock and Bond Holders at TESLA - which is why so many cars are now sitting unsold. No one wants them.

It appears that Elon Musk has just gotten away with not only stealing the TESLA Company from it’s owner in 2010 but also draining it’s investors of their investments to bolster his other companies - thanks to Lucifer and the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by the Advanced Technology Department Director Robert Mandlebaum of Lockheed Martin in Washington DC.

Advanced technology Section being nicknamed “Skunkworks Productions“ from the old cartoon Alley Oop!

The same folks that support Alex Jones.

Keep in mind the P-51 fighter in WW2 was Powered by a Merlin V-12 Motor.

Please also keep in mind that also 40 years ago we had electric cars in the military that had a range of 3.500 miles.

It’s not about advancing Humanity - it’s about killing us.

Ephesians 6: 12; We fight not against Flesh and Blood but against “The World Rulers Of Darkness, The Spiritual Evil in the Heavenlies”

Pray they are all neutralized immediately and for eternity.

Please pray for our President’s Safety and that he does as GOD directs him to do.

The Wall Of Truth

See You Tomorrow

Dr William B. Mount


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