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Intel: What The Deep State Is Planning Nwow



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The Points of view, and purpose of this video, is not to bully or harass anyone, but rather share those opinions and thoughts with other like-minded individuals curious about these subjects.

As we move into August 2018 the plans of the Elite Deep State are going to unwind horribly as they are fully exposed.

In addition - the real state of our Fragile Economies will also be exposed as the Chinese Economy begins to unwind.

The Deep State Elites consist of those Blood Lines directly loyal to Lucifer - and at the top are individuals like Melvin Rothchilds who answers to THE GRAND COUNCIL of around 45 men..

The RABUM BITUM IMMNARU - the Grand Council of Light.

Within the last 100 years they have broken the world up into 2 factions fully supported by the Masonic Orders - both Masons and Free Masons:

1) NAZIs - best described as the Bush/Clinton/Obama realm with Papa Bush as the New Hitler of the 4th Reich.

Here you can see their worship of Lucifer and Human Sacrifices at the Bohemian Grove in California along the “Russian” River just past the Martinelli Winery and at Yale University among the Skull and Bones.

We call these the Neo Conservatives and they are supported by OUR TAX DOLLARS through various organizations such as:

……The Project For A New American Century

…..American Enterprise Institute

2) The Communist Group - best known as the George Soros (Now Dead) NGO’s, the Democratic Party, The Frazzled Rat, and a whole bunch under Obama - the Global Warming Group.

These suck off of European Dollars provided through YOUR THE AMEIRCAN TAX PAYER

These include:

Rothchilds Round Table, which controls such organizations as:

…..Democratic Party

…..Council of Foreign Relations

…..Bilderberg Group

…..Federal Reserve System

Although recently this Federal Reserve System was taken over by the NAZI’s under Papa Bush and now by President Trump.

Both parties are kept at each other’s throat by Lucifer

Both moved the world’s manufacturing base to Japan, then Mexico, then Taiwan, then China and now to India - leaving ruins in their path.

Both are moving towards a war that would destroy this planet.

Both are responsible for creating plagues to annihilate the Brown Eyed folks.

Both were unified in their hate of Humanity and perverse desire to escape Earth just before the final Cataclysm.

Both groups are very powerful and seem to have unlimited reach and power - seem to have.

To this end they have had - and you have all seen the pictures -

……6 Obama’s
……6 Hillary’s
……2 John Kerry’s
……2 Gina Haspels - CIA Director
…..The list goes on and on and on

And in their perversions have created “Female Men” All f the  following have Adams Apples, they are men:

…..Marilyn Monroe
…Sophia Loren
…..Ann Coulter
…..Christine LeGuard
….. And so many Hollywood Actors we cannot count - like Bababara Walters and most of THE VIEW

These two groups have perverted everything they have touched.

Fast forward to 2007 when the Russians (Part of the Communist Group) were shown the coming War that would destroy Planet Earth beginning with a Nuclear Exchange between the US and Iran and their leaders wised up very quickly - working to remove all 360 US Nukes made under the Atoms for Peace Program by the good old USA.

President Putin’s Staff came to the realization - with a little prompting from GOD in August of 2007 - that Christians follow their leaders while other religions preach constant rebellion so Russia - not wishing to be utterly destroyed - they have assisted us in stopping this Nuclear Exchange.

Further - realizing that what they were told about Christians was correct they began supporting the Russian Orthodox Church rather than killing Christians and their entire National Character changed.

It has been the Russian SVR (Old KGB) - with a few CIA/FBI and Chinese Intelligence Agents - who have assisted in stopping so many Nuclear Detonations here in the USA and in Moscow, Europe and in China.

Some of them were not able to be stopped  - such as Fukushima and the Nuclear Detonation just north of Donetsk 5 February 2015 but the Russians did stop the other 3 Nuclear Detonations we warned them about scheduled for this area at this time - including one in Murmansk, Russia.

A third Organization claiming to follow the Living GOD was formed in the  early 20th Century  - an organization of very powerful men arose and formed an organization called: Make America Great - as we all saw painted on a US Tank in 1916.

They appeared right after the European Communists began the Federal Reserve System and have opposed it ever wince.

The Raping of the planet for their selfish goals was not something this group appreciated but they were very small and under-funded until very recently - when our Prayers reached into the Heavens and the Living GOD acted.

Many of these men were, and still are, senior members of the military and many are distinctly powerful men of Industry.

In November of 2006 those Men in Make American First managed to become better hackers than the other 2 groups and had Donald Trump get elected as the President of the United States Corporation.

President Trump was chosen many years ago and was touted by Hollywood as a Great Presidential Candidate - until he actually began running.

When he began his campaign GOD had me support him - warning his staff through You Tube of over 30 attempts to kill him.

Unfortunately - as of a few weeks ago - they have apparently stopped listening but we will continue with our efforts anyway to save his life an stop this coming Nuclear Exchange.

For me it is now about supporting nay politician - it is about doing as GOD directs me to do and if he says support Trump, I do.

Many of the NAZI’s and Communists are switching over to this newly funded  MAKE AMERICA GREAT organization as they begin to realize we are on the verge of complete destruction at a moment’s notice.

The world now has 140 or so Doomsday Machines. - to which they have lost one in the Tunnels of Vancouver Canada imbedded behind the wall of a Subway.

If just one is detonated - Earth ceases to exist.



So what do these Insane Suicidal Deep State Elites have planned now?

1) August: The month of exposure of prominent political leaders and in the economic world.

God will begin to expose the real numbers economically - the real profits of companies across the world as individual investors realize the economies are in big trouble.

The world leaders - especially  those of the USA, China and Russia - are apparently now - ignoring GOD so this opens their nations to attacks from Lucifer and his bunch of “Bully Boys.”

So expect more fires will be set world wide as the Weather Machines continue to deny rain for these fires.

Every vile story about President Trump will be released - every lie they can think of - opening up these Lucifarian “Bully Boys” for death and destruction by the Living GOD as we have stated earlier.

Those who come against President Trump will now face severe consequences - including death.

If President Trump and his staff do as GOD directs these vial reports  will stop by the end of August. If not - they will accelerate.

2) September. Here is where the Bully Boys - the Lefty Loony’s - try and destroy our world wide economies.

Every wrench will be throw at the financial systems of the world - to include hacking, turning off the power - anything these Bullies can think of will be done.

3) October - Here is where the real fun begins.

These Bully Boys - run out of Zug, Switzerland - will try and turn off Credit, shut down computers and shut down the Grid and start Riots world wide.

Especially targeted for Terrorism will be England, Germany and Canada - where the Lucifarians have removed the Right to Keep And Bear Arms and added lots of Criminally Insane Muslim Refugees.

These nations have emptied out their prisons into America, Canada, Germany and England.

If by then the world leaders do not turn to the Living GOD - And I personally doubt they will - and do things GOD’s way HE will have to act and the Living GOD, who was and is and is to come, will begin targeting these World Leaders who have openly ignored HIM.

So HE has said it - so it shall be.

What we can do is pray for our families.

Yesterday we had the owner of Trade Genius on our show.

Refuse to be a refuge - learn how to make money with a computer, a notebook and a cell phone.

You are so very important to GOD.


1) President Clinton #3 gets cheered by the Amsterdam Prostitutes

2) President Obama # 4 Personal Advisor William Mendoza is shown following a women into a Dc Metro Station and sticks a Cell Phone up her dress

3) FANG Stocks - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google - are tanking as their real profits are exposed.

4) TESLA Model 3 literally is rattling apart as Elon Must continues to steal their money brought to the company through Investors and he claims that without more money for him to steal the TESLA Company may fold.

5) President Trump is stepping up to the plate and declaring Federal States of Emergencies in these fire ridden states like California to allow the funding of the National Guard to assist in fighting these fires.

Years ago I went form fire fighter in the US Forest Service to a Fire Camp Boss in the National Guard overnight - literally over night. It funded the first year of my Master’s Degree.

The National Guard can provide aircraft and vehicles to move fire fighters, build fire camps and assist in supplying Firefighter with food and water and I was very proud to serve the finest group of men in the military - the 579th Engineer Battalion in Eureka California.

Please keep praying for our President’s Safety ad for VP pence’s Safety - especially next week for a trip he is taking.

Pray the rebuild of Air Force 3 goes well and all parts arrive in a timely manner.

Please also pray You Tube stops making our Cooking Show X-Rated and that the vide channel Daily Motion allows me to post again.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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