Tuesday, July 17, 2018

US & Russia Talk Peace - Media Goes Bonkers


(344) US & Russia Discuss Peace, Deep State Media Goes Bonkers - YouTube


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You heard that right.

The Helsinki Summit between Putin and Trump, along with a few Chinese representatives, is discussing  peace across the globe.

As the sun enlarges and crops begin to fail world wide we will either unite as a planet or face potential breakdown of our society - beginning in the inner cities across the planet.

Many of the world leaders are now walking up out of their slumber and the real facts begin to surface about what is coming.

Even Iran, which has been in full cooperation with Russia opn their Nuclear Program, may begin cooperating with the US Nuclear Inspectors.

In this conference the Russians, Chinese and Americans are now discussing Peace openly.

For example: As the US Trade Deficit declines rapidly the money China is sending to the Middle East to control this planet is drying up as the are now looking at cheaper, cleaner oil from Russia, Tagikistan and the United States. This means that the dollars spent on Terrorism and creating the “Cold War 2” may now be drying up rapidly as the Middle Eastern Oil Dollars will now be drying up and what is left will go towards their own survival - like for creating water as their Aquifers across North Africa have all dried up.

In a recent statement in trying to Drain the Swamp President Trump stated that Former CIA Director John Brennan’s Actions are nothing short of Treasonous.

With his Intelligence “Buddies” being silenced this means that the Organized Terror Strikes causing this constant War Drum are ending very quickly.

The difficulty in ending this Permanent War Footing is now coming from several Military Contractors and their bought, and paid for, media and Congressman in the Democratic Party.

Demo Congressman Steve Cohen just stated: “Where are our military folks? The Commander in Chief is in the hands of our enemy!”

David Stockman, Director of the Office of Management and Budget 1981-1985, said that this conference is a “Glorious Blow For Peace.”


“With the Warfare State desperately needing an enemy to justify it’s $800 Billion Dollar Annual mugging of American Tax Payers, this summit was the single greatest blow to the War Party since it turned Imperial Washington into a colossal menace bent on Global Hegemony when the Soviet Union slithered off the pages of History in 1991.”

What he failed to say is that all of this is being controlled out London and out of the Vatican and that when the Former Soviet Union fell the London Bankers traded control of the Soviet Resources for food.

President Putin has now manage to re-secure those Mineral Rights across Russia and return them to the people as of about 6 months ago and now is ready to move forward to peace.

Unfortunately people like CNN Commentator and Democrat Philip Mudd just stated: “The Shadow Government should take Trump down.”

Further - Democrat Scott Dworkin, a Fund Raiser for the Democrats, just openly stated that  President Trump and Vice President Pence should be removed from office and replaced by Hillary Clinton.

He must be dumber than a rock not to know the original Hillary is dead.

Further - Democrats Robert Mueller and Assistant US Attorney’s General Rob Rosenstein are attacking the President in an attempt to force him into Military Actions against Syrian and Russia.

Unfortunately for the War Party it is all unwinding as the whereabouts of these $400 Million Dollars stolen from Russia and given to the Hillary Presidential Campaign is being unwound and those guilty of taking part of it may go dawn very hard very soon.

So those in the Main Stream Media who have been paid off to demand War, the deaths of our soldiers over seas, to support Big Pharma in their attempt to kill people world wide, and overall supporters of these Democratic Socialists (NAZI’s) is about to be made public.

The main stream American Press who have been supporting those who demand the killing of 7 Billion Humans is about to go public.

So the Liberal American and European Main Stream Media is in a fight for their lives and they will do anything to destroy, destroy, destroy.

So hang on folks - enjoy the show.


1) Since  April of this year the 1,600 National Guard on the Mexican Boarder has assisted in the arrests of over 10,000 Illegal Aliens crossing the boarder and confiscated over 12,000 pounds of Dope.

2) If you are groped by a TSA Agent you may no longer sue - according to the Federal Appeals Courts in Philadelphia - the Birth Place of Freedom.

When you fly on a plane you submit to their rules as a Private corporation.

Yes they are a monopoly, but you can take a train, drive or swim to your destination so flying is only one option.

Pray this ruling is overturned immediately.

3) The IRS has just rescinded 362,000 passports.

Yup - if you owe the IRS anything, or you owe Childs Support you may now travel outside the Corporate Controlled Unites States of America by ruling of the IRS.

Thank you President Obama - a bill signed 2 years ago.

4) A Lawsuit has shown that the Vaccine Safety Reports required by Congress 30 years ago were never filed or even required by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Director of the HHS is not now, nor has even been held responsible for this grievous violation of Federal Law leading the Murder of thousands due to Vaccines.

Pray hard he and his staff pay for their crimes of murder immediately.

5) Radiation from WIFI has been shown to increase miscarriages by 50%.

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente used 913 women in the study and found that normal Miscarraige Rate of 10.4%, and increased to 24.2% when exposed to Microwave Frequencies now used in Cell Phones.

6) The company now producing lab Grown Meat for Hamburgers “Mosa Meat” was just given $8.8 Million Dollars by Mearsk to being the meat to the market.

What they do not say is that this meat is grown in blood - but they do not say where the blood comes from.

7) Jeff Bazos - who is now worht over $150 Billion Dollars thanks to Government Subsidies for his companies - Thank You US Tax Payers - has cause such a bad situation at Amazon that workers are now on strike across Europe.

So if he stole over $150 Billion TAX DOLLARS why won’t any US Federal Agency control the working conditions at his distribution points?

Pray the Federal Agencies htat control working conditions in America are all defunded immediately.

8) Finally - Expect - without direct intervention from those in the White House - a complete lock down of the Internet by big corporations.

Pray that those censoring the Internet are themselves neutralized immediately and Permanently.

Please pray for the safety of President Trump - and for tomorrow for Vice President Pence.

From our desk to yours:

See you tomorrow

The Wall  Of Truth


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